Monday, August 5, 2013

Power Shopping

So…I know that no one really cares about this but I am on a shopper’s high and I really feel I must share it.

This morning I was perusing the CVS and Walgreens ads from yesterday. Yes, it was a little later than I prefer but still within the acceptable 24-hour window.

I noticed that Walgreens had granola bars and cereal on sale. And not just any ole' granola bars and cereal…the ones we actually eat.

And on sale at good prices, no less.

AND I had a coupon for each. Multiple coupons actually.

So because I know my writing is OFF THE HOOK and you’re completely engaged and on the edge of your seat, this is what I bought:

No judging on the amount of fiber sitting on that counter
And I thought I did well (not my personal best by a long shot but still not bad), only spending $13.08 for all these items.

Just in case you need your cheaters to read the above receipt
So I was on a mini-high.

Then I toddled over to CVS, where I saw that cereal (yes, again with the cereal…for some reason my family likes to eat breakfast EVERY DAY), toothpaste, and the antacids I like (chewy not chalky…just like it says on the box) were all on sale.

And I was expecting to do well with the coupons, but here’s what I ended up buying:

But the real kicker is this…I only spent $2.28.

But then I got these:

The best part of the coupons…well, who am I kidding, it’s all awesome…is that I got another $5 off $15 coupon (I had one in the previous transaction too…so imagine my surprise when the computer popped another one out for me…that almost never happens. That’s experience talking.)

So that plus the two Extracare bucks, and the additional $2 off 3 boxes of cereal, and I will spend $15.93 before coupons ($6.93 after coupons) and will get 5 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal and two gallons of milk. And I will get 2 Extracare bucks back. So that will only be $4.93 out of pocket for all of that.

Yeah, I’m kind of on a little high right now.

What’s the latest bargain you’ve snagged?


  1. Freakin AWESOME! We do NOT have that kind of coupon culture over here and it's gutting to see how amazingly well the system can be worked.

    Mega kudos to you for those savings - very impressive :)

  2. WOW good for you! I never go to CVS or WALGREENS but it looks like i should. My kids like to eat every day too. Why must they do this?

  3. You would be horrified to see the number of CVS dollars which go unused at my house. You may even doubt our friendship, it is that bad.

    Good for you, though!

  4. Good for you! I have not been doing much couponing lately, but I should be.