Thursday, August 8, 2013

Foodie Non-Friday: Greens

Before I begin, you're going to want to notice my new "Mrs. Always Random" button over on the right...more on that later!

Yes, I am breaking my own hard-and-fast rules. Two-fold if you really must know.

OK, not really. These rules are meant to be bent if not snapped right off at the root, right?

So...for my Foodie Friday piece (which is not on a Friday), I have written a little ditty regarding a PBA Fruit of the Week, (which is actually a Veggie of the Week).

It's not being posted on Friday because I am going to ATTEMPT Seven Quick Takes on Friday and I just wasn't sure I could include them both.

Now, that is kind of not true because I could do a mash-up and include my Foodie Friday post within my Seven Quick Takes. 

But I have never attempted a mash-up and too much newness at once could be totally overstimulating. For me, that is. Probably not you. But I don’t want to risk it for you either. I’m a giver.

So here I am...I have already begun my rambling dissertation on the veggie, so I shall continue.  I'm like that. I finish what I start. It may take me a while to get there but I get there.


So...because your curiosity is overly peaked, I am just certain of it, I won't make you wait any longer.

This week we had a PBA (Parker Brothers Academy, in case you are just joining us and aren’t in the know about our TLA…Three Letter Acronym) Vegetable of the Week.  In the past we have only dabbled with Fruit of the Week, but this time it was a veggie.

Not because we love veggies (although we case you are a child reading this, we LOVE our veggies at the PBA and simply just cannot get enough! That means you need to eat your veggies too!), but because there was not a new and exciting (or not even “exciting”...just a “new” would have fulfilled the requirements) fruit for us to use in our Fruit of the Week.

Now before we continue much further, I must explain that the name is something of a's not an "every week" sort of thing; on the contrary, it is a "whenever we actually remember" or "if we see something new and not too expensive we could try" kind of experience.

That's how we roll.


This week we tried a veggie, because (as I already mentioned) there wasn't a new fruit option for us.

And I'm certain by the title of the blog you've ascertained what we ate: greens.

But not just any old “greens”.

Dandelion greens.

Oh yes, we did. But no, not ones from our yard (we could have but we didn't; don't judge). I’m cheap but I’m not THAT cheap.

These were available for purchase at Meijer (yes, I do still go to Meijer for those things which are on sale and for which I also have a coupon…I LOVE Aldi but they don’t take coupons).

So while we were at Meijer, I spied a whole section of various greens in the produce department. And all for 99 cents/bunch.

They had me at 99 cents.

Clearly I didn't use anything to show the scale, so I must tell you that these measured (from base to tip) about 16 inches in length.

And my expectations were not high. Previously, we have also tried Kale and Radicchio…we were not  huge fans of either one, though mixed into a salad of spinach (and maybe some iceberg lettuce), carrots, tomatoes, etc, they were palatable.

I would say that the dandelion greens were marginally better. They were still somewhat bitter (and tasted mildly of herbicide…I kid, I kid!), but the bitterness was much less noticeable in a mixed green salad.

In fact, the PBA didn’t notice them in their salads until the third day when the salads were not tossed and all the dandelion greens were on the top.

That first bite was a little harsh to swallow.

That’s about all I have to say about the dandelion greens…not a rave review but not a scathing one either; all in all, I'm probably not selling it.

I never claimed to be a foodie…but sometimes I play one on my blog.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. We once made dandelion wasn't that good. Very dandelion-y.

  2. Totally IMPRESSED that you got the boys to try dandelion greens I am sure that I could not get even my most adventurous eater to try that unless I offered a cash prize. I kid not...
    I LOVE your button and I want a button!!

  3. I got one word: ew.

    ;) Seriously, though I wished I liked veggies (I have a whole post dedicated to that)