Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Week 8 Day 2

Ten Things of Thankful

Don’t everyone fall over from shock but I am ATTEMPTING a second day of thankfulness. I know, I know it’s crazy, right? What’s this world coming to?

So…since I am still a late arrival to the second day…maybe not for those of us in the US, but for those on Lizzi’s side of the pond, it is a bit late…I’ll get down to business. I am thankful for:

1. A FABULOUS surprise party last night. He was TOTALLY surprised. And very touched. And the cake was fabulous to boot! (that’s kind of a two-for-one-thankful item…I am always going to be thankful for good cake.)

2. Fellowship after church today…and dare I confess it…a free meal after church. It’s the little things (especially those relating to food) that I live for…

3. Time to sleep in but didn’t…but the chance was there if I was at all possible to sleep in. Seven am is my max.

4. I pondered taking a nap…again, it didn’t really happen but I at least CONSIDERED it. And that’s something to be thankful for…that I could even CONSIDER it.

5. Salted chocolate chip cookies…need I say more? Simply make your chocolate chip cookies as you like (you can even use a mix or the slice and bake…no judging here!), and once you dole them out on the sheet, sprinkle a little bit of coarse salt (can be sea salt, though I used Kosher salt…because it’s what I had) on top…then bake as directed. FAB.U.LOUS. And a big thank you to Gourmet Girl to Go for suggesting it on her FB page (I had to give credit where credit is due!)

6. Time to chat with a friend that I see but never get to catch up with…so glad to steal a couple hours with her on Friday afternoon.

This is not my cup of coffee, but isn't it cute? Who doesn't love a cute cup of coffee?

7.  The unseasonably cooler July temps in these here parts…I don’t ever recall a July in which the air conditioning was not churning away 24-7. And this summer we’ve actually been able to turn off the AC and OPEN the WINDOWS. Shocking. And glorious!

8.  The fact that school starts TOMORROW. And I can’t wait…a return to schedules and routine and organization! Wahoo! Who (aside from the PBA) wouldn’t LOVE that?

9. Lots of excited chatter from the PBA on the way home from camp...rehashing the high points of their week-end and talking like they were, dare I say it?...friends!

10. All my chicks (don't tell the PBA that I called them "chicks"...we all know that they are not girls, and that it's just an expression of a mama having her kiddos back home...but it may be lost on them) back in the nest.

Have a fabulous afternoon!


  1. Okay, show off. TWO lists?!

    1. Cake = always good
    2. Free food = even better
    5. We're a nation of salty sweet stuff these days. Hello, high blood pressure! :)
    6. Me. I hate coffee. Even the heart doesn't make it cute.
    8. Your school starts TOMORROW? Holy cow, that's early!

  2. Well, yes, I am a bit of a showoff...but somehow I suspect it will inspire you to try it next week. Besides, it is week 8 of this thankfulness business and yet it's only the first time I have conjured up the strength/desire/motivation to try a second list. Notice I was not as verbose as I was in the first one.

    And yes, yes I know tomorrow is early to start school, but being as how we homeschool and I am the meanest mom ever, I consider it my duty to maintain my title. How do you think I'm doing? ;)

  3. very cool... second Post! I am still working on completing my first lol

    I really like this (second) as it further contributes to the uniqueness of the TTofT being a weekend conversation among people from all over the place.

    I better get to work! (as you know Sundays tend to get a bit hectic here)

    (my third try to pass the human test! lol)

  4. I *LOVE* second lists. Have Ten of my Very Best Awesome Points.

    What a great list. Any list that starts with a surprise party and ends with having your brood back around you can only be stunningly good. This hop is most excellent for a wonderful kind of vicarious 'feel-good' factor.

    SALT on the choc chip cookies sounds good. Much as I don't bake cookies (much less chocolate ones) this I may have to try because it's a rare combo-involving-chocolate that I actually like.

    Glad you got to catch up with your friend. That's always an enriching use of time.

    And re: school? What's better? Stagnating for 6 weeks and being grouchy about going back (and struggling for lack of consistent brain use) or short, planned, thoroughly enjoyed breaks and then enjoyable schooling in between. I know which I'd choose. You go for it!

  5. Wow school starts so soon. You are one lucky mama.

  6. I guess I didn't realize you home school. That's a horse of a different color! You can take breaks when they're convenient to you and not when the school thinks they're convenient.

    Wear your Meanest Mom of the Year crown with pride!

  7. Isn't homeschooling wonderful? I homeschool, too, but will be beginning the school year at the end of August/beginning of September. (We kind of ease into the routine.)

    I'm impressed with two posts!

  8. Nothing better than having everyone under mama hen's wings! glad they boys had fun at camp! hurray for yummy cake!