Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Listicles: Ten Photos of Life With Kids

So...I have been absent for a while from Stasha's Listicles. And it hasn't been intentional...I've simply been too lazy to do it.

But I'm so glad to be back! And between last week and this week, it was an easy-breezey way to ease me back in, so that was even better!

Well, I said it was easy...and it should have been easy...but I have too many pictures of my kids that I think are cute so it was actually a lengthy process. The trip down memory lane was enough to send me over the emotional edge ("Where did my babies go?!?"), but I managed to pull it together and give you some of the more candid photos...thanks for taking a look!

At the Indy 500 in 2012...first time to see the 500 for the PBA.

HHI 2005...and yes you are correct...his goggles are completely fogged up.
Fall 2012, playing a game at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon

Yes, his face is painted like a tiger (I think it's supposed to be a tiger) and he's growling.
We were at a free even hosted by Animal Planet...face painting was included and he was ALL IN. He was also only 5...he's now 12.

Vacation this year...resting from a strenuous hike, no doubt...

2008 First Day of School (clearly when they were going to public school)

Winter 2007...and obviously he built this without any help ;)

Fall 2004 (Obviously at the pumpkin patch...and quite excited about it!)
At Family Camp 2010...they were preparing for the PBA to be baptized in the lake. Don't they look ready for a baptism?
I think this speaks for itself, don't you?

If you know me at all, you are probably surprised that I did not include any sports shots...and I have to say that was intentional. I think I share those often enough during the actual seasons and did not want to overdo it. Plus, like I said...there were too many other cute ones I wanted to include!

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I dug thru some old photos too and it was quite a trip down memory lane. Loved the variety!

  2. The pumpkin shot was my fave, followed by the superhero baptism :D What great snaps.

  3. I love the muscle men you have! And Darth Vader, that's the best for sure!

  4. Oh, I love seeing old photos of people I know! They haven't changed much at all. I especially enjoyed the running for the bus. 10yo HAS grown! He was tiny in kindergarten!

  5. Oh my goodness I cannot even choose a favorite one! they were so adorable! I love looking at family pictures!

  6. So awesome. The first day of school one is perfect in every way!!

  7. I love the trip down memory lane. I like how the times jumped around. That's how I look at pictures too. Ellen