Thursday, July 4, 2013

Salute to America: Photos from the 12yo

So...I shared some photos a couple days ago and talked about our trip to Green Bay. And about my 10yo.

Today I wanted to share with you a tiny bit about my 12yo. I know, I just wrote a whole big bunch about him a couple weeks ago when it was his birthday, but that was mostly just stuff he had no control over...his birth.

This is about him and his photography work.

As you may recall, I mentioned at the beginning of our vacation that my dad is a photographer for the IMS, and he's cultivating (or at least attempting to cultivate) this interest in the PBA.

The 10yo is more about quantity than quality.

The 12yo seems to really have a knack for this photography thing, however, and will even work to get a more "artsy" kind of shot.

So, without further delay, I give you Mrs. Always Random's "Salute to America: Photos from the 12yo"

Feel free to share your thoughts either below or send me a message...any young, budding artist needs encouragement, right?

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  1. Definitely some nice shots there! I particularly like the one of the mountains, framed by the building.

    Whenever I make a recipe that my husband really likes, he'll tell me he thinks I need more practice--so that he can eat it again and again! I think you need more practice. ;-)

  2. Tell him his photos are beautiful!

  3. WOW I know the camera is nice but the shots or framed up pieces are amazing! The patience and time you can tell. he should send in some of these to national geographic seriously they are great. I like that he is not afraid to try a different view. Can't decide but I think the eagle is my favorite shot. or the close up of the buffalo or the first shot with the groundhog? coming out of the pile of sticks... yeah the barn on the mountain. favorite.