Monday, July 15, 2013

Non-Wordless Non-Wednesday: Jumping the Gun

I began this as a Wordless Wednesday post. But it's not Wednesday.

And I realized VERY quickly that I couldn't NOT talk about it. There was WAY too much I HAD to share.

Well, that I thought I should share.

I'm nothing if not educational.

Now I know, I doesn't start for another week and a half.

Yes, you read that right. The PBA begin on July 29; the public school district in which we live begins on August 1.

My OCD is driving the July 29 start date...I don't like to have incomplete weeks of school. We could start on August 1 also, but that's a two day week...seems a little silly, n'est pas?


Yes, I'm throwing in a little bit of French for you too.

You're welcome.

So...all that to say...even though school doesn't start for a few more days, it doesn't mean the learning has to wait, right?

You're probably as excited as the PBA.  Please try to contain gets better.

At least I think it does.

I may be jumping the gun on the school year but frankly I don't care.

I found this in my driveway today and knew you needed to see it:

This is a stag beetle. Did you know that? I didn't.

I L.O.V.E. Google.

And no, he's not been doing some light filing (though some does need to be done in my house)...the paperclip is there for size reference...but I'm certain you knew that. You're a bright crowd.

And yes I did bring it into my house. On a piece of scrap wood I found in the garage. And I picked him up with some pliers. Gently...didn't want any more guts oozing out.

Yes, there are a few guts oozing out the back side.

I may be into science stuff but I still don't want to touch a dead bug....especially an oozy one.

So why did I bring it in the house? Well, it was too hot to be outside taking pictures of dead bugs in my driveway.

Plus the neighbors might think I'm weird.

I think they already think that but if they saw me taking pictures of dead things in my driveway, I'm fairly certain my reputation would be cinched. There's really no coming out of that.

Anyway...I also needed it for reference in my Google search.

Though I did scare myself with it...I put it on my desk when I came in the house and then immediately forgot about it. When I sat down a little while later, I jumped because there was a huge bug on my desk.

But I did NOT scream. As far as you know.

Now: Don't get any ideas...I HATE pranks. And surprises.



And I don't much care for people who do them to me.

And speaking of 40th birthday is coming up (ok it's in November, but I assure you that November will be here before we know it) and I REALLY do not want a surprise party, just in case anyone is thinking that they would try that out.

Let the record show I DO NOT want that to happen.


Everyone clear?

I know that my parents and Mr. Always Random read this and I need them to understand. And if you are a friend outside of cyberspace, I need YOU to understand too.

Got it?!?

And now back to our regularly-scheduled blog post.

This is a stag beetle. Here's some info on the stag beetle, should you be so inclined to educate yourself on it:

And if not, you're REALLY missing out. Kind of makes you want to read it, doesn't it? It's ok...your secret's safe with me. I won't tell anyone that you wanted to learn more about the stag beetle.

In fact, I won't even know. Go ahead. It's really ok.

Feel free to go ahead and look up other bugs while you're at it. Before you know it, you'll have an old pickle jar in your kitchen cabinet, just for the purpose of catching bugs.


  1. N'est ce pas.

    And, er...bon.

    That's one hella big bug. I remember once finding half a one with the kids at the nursery where I worked. It had just its front end and its little pincers were working like mad. Through the day it gradually slowed down, but I guess it was too dim to realise it was dead.

    Not as scary as the clock beetle I discovered earlier - a movement in the corner of my eye made me look down and there it was, crawling around my freakin boob! No idea how it got there. Husby had to rescue me!

  2. I knew what kind it was!!!
    In high school I was 1 science short so I took Taxonomy. 2nd semester was bug semester and we had to collect 100 bugs label them and pin them. for the A they had to be correct and pristine. BUT the kicker is there are so many beetle types that the Seniors did NOT have to label them. Girl I am telling you that my board was ALL beetles! I did not have to label a single one. And since they are hard they were easy to kill/poison with out damage. Pining was a little more difficult as their heads pop off quite easy. BTW I got an A