Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Listicles: Things We Should Buy More of Every Week

Oh, look at me...late to the party but at least I got here. It's been quite a while, so thanks for having me back!

And, I'll have you know, I have my post for next week up and ready as well. 

OK, it's not UP but it's about that?

I know, you're jealous, right?

There's a first time for everything...and a last time too. I doubt it will ever happen again, but I did enjoy it while I could!

So...I won't delay this any more than I already have.

Today's topic is Ten Things We Buy Every Week. But I decided it should be a variation on that theme (and someone else very well has already done this but I don't read anyone else's until mine is finished...that way I won't be tempted to borrow any ideas; so if you already did this very idea, I assure you I didn't copy!).

So my list today is Things We Should Buy More of Every Week:
1.     Fruit...I never seem to buy enough when I am on my weekly trip to the grocery. Part of it is that I know it may spoil before the week is up and I H.A.T.E. to throw food away. I will do whatever I can to prevent that travesty from occurring. And yes, it IS a travesty.
2.     Veggies…same problem. Spinach, especially, gets all slimy before a week is out and we either muddle through without it or I end up making a special trip for spinach. Which seems kind of lame. And I also rarely JUST get spinach...I usually get something like ice cream at the same time...
3.     Milk…I always buy skim milk (for three of us) and whole milk (for my 10yo). When my now 10yo was 5, he was approximately the size of a 2.5yo. We went to a specialist and had all the testing done and everything came back negative (in the good way…that’s always so confusing…why do they say it like that?)…and so ever since then he’s been on whole milk. It’s to the point now that he refuses to drink anything but whole. All that to say, he drinks at least a gallon (by himself) a week. Can you fathom how large I would be if I drank a gallon of whole milk per week?  As an aside, he is up to the 10th percentile...he was 2nd percentile when he was 5. Wahoo! My point of this being…I almost always have to go to the store and get another gallon of milk. And sometimes I have to get more skim milk for us as well…especially during the week that the Girl Scout cookies are distributed…don’t judge.
4.     Gas for the car…now this is more about buying it at a lower price. WHY don’t I buy it when I see that the price has gone down, thus eliminating the self-loathing I experience EVERY WEEK when the price pops and I have needle buried below the “E”?
5.     Cheese…I love the dairy products, but cheese especially. I find that often, by the end of the week, I am rationing out the shredded cheese so that we will have some for the entire week. Yes, I ration.the.cheese. You're finding out all sorts of interesting things about me, aren't you?
6.     Ice Cream…buckets of ice cream. I think this is self-explanatory, don’t you?

And yes, your eyes do not deceive you…I only have six items. I would delve into silliness and say things like “candy bars” and “frozen pizzas”…but that would indicate that I buy them at all.

And we all know that I am the bastion of healthy eating...minus all the cheese, ice cream and Girl Scout cookies to which I alluded above...

OK, I buy them sometimes but not with great regularity. So I didn’t think they fulfilled the parameters I had established for my list.

And I am a little bit staunch on following rules...even my own rules. I am an "only" in case you couldn't tell...some habits never die.

So there you have it: Things We Should Buy More of Every Week...what are the things YOU run out of by the week's end?

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Fruit Bread and Milk
    we go through 2 gallons of milk a day. You read that right and half the house is on Lactaid milk the rest regular milk. we all drink whole milk. Did a bit of research on whole milk vs skims and decided we would go whole. Target is the cheapest place we can find milk that is not genetically modified or hormone laced. I don't give a whip what the govt says about GMO or Hormone laced foods!!! I avoid it if it is possible!
    i wish we had a grocery delivery i would get milk and bread avery day, fruit i would pick up myself.