Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: One In Every Color

During my cleaning frenzy as of late, I discovered scattered throughout the house, quite an assortment of Sharpies.

Thirty-one to be need for you to count. I already did.


Just to make sure.

"Um...Mrs. Always Random...your OCD is showing!"

Trust OCD is hanging out all over the place in this post, albeit a brief one.

Apparently I show no bias in my thickness preference and will use any thickness of Sharpie...ranging from ultra fine point all the way up to chisel tip...with every other thickness in between.

There's even some glitter ones.

I'm certain that surprises you.

And I'm not sure which is more disconcerting: that I have so many Sharpies, or that I took the time to sort by color, then sub-divide by thickness and then line them up along a straight edge in the floor to take a photo of them for you.

You be the judge, Peanut Gallery.


  1. So many inappropriate jokes going through my head right now...

    I am not surprised by the order. I am surprised by the number. Sharpies are not cheap, but you are! That's a lot of money lined up on your (beautiful) floor!

  2. I <3 sharpies.