Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

So...a couple weeks ago (I would have done this much sooner but frankly I forgot about it until I found the pictures on my phone, which, of course jogged my memory...I don't care what you say about me...I'm quick.) I was taking my 11yo to soccer practice.

Some of the soccer club's coaches were playing with a frisbee and it (possibly inadvertently, possibly not...I'll let you be the judge) ended up on the roof of the clubhouse.

And boys, regardless of age, being what they often are (competitive...these were soccer coaches mind you), made the attempts to retrieve the frisbee into a game.

It was much like basketball, but without a net...impromtu rules: they had to hit the frisbee with a soccer ball (being shot like a basketball), thus causing the frisbee to inch its way down the face of the roof.

But they had teams. And guarding. And pick setting. It wasn't merely lining up and taking turns to hit the frisbee with the ball.

Actually...that's how it began but quickly devolved into a new creation.

You know how these things go.

Here is the frisbee on the roof.

Here's one ball going up to try to retrieve it. (NOTE: The action was over to my left...notice the PBA in the frames of these shots...they wanted to get close to the action.)

Here's the second ball.

Why is there a second ball, you may be asking? Well, I must apologize that I don't have photos of the whole debacle, as I was laughing far too hard to capture it for posterity. I know...what kind of blogger/journalist amI?!?

A rookie, apparently.

So you'll have to use something called "your imagination" to pretend what it looked like. I shall describe it as best I can.

The second ball came into use after the frisbee slid down and got lodged in the gutter. It actually flipped up upon entering the gutter and was sticking halfway out.

They threw the initial ball up there...it overshot the frisbee and rolled down, lodging right up against the frisbee...inside the gutter.

They threw the second ball up there to knock the frisbee loose, thereby releasing the first ball.

Then the second ball got stuck in the little pocket where the two slopes of roof intersect (on the left side).

One of the coaches was the able to jump up just high enough for his fingertips to hit the frisbee and trying to push it out...but he hit it with enough force to push the frisbee back up onto the roof.

But the ball was dislodged and came down.

They used the first ball to get the second ball down.

By then, they were done playing.

Actually...I think it was time for practice.

So this is how they retrieved the frisbee: One guy holding onto a gutter (which I'm SURE was very securely attached to that pole...) standing on the shoulders of another guy, while a third guy held his legs to support him.

And why didn't we just do this to begin with? The y-chromosome is strong in them.

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  1. Oh how I love our coaches! Cracks me up that you got photos of them. It's true, they never really grow up. I'm glad they don't. :)