Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wordless Tuesday: Choosing to Celebrate

Wordless Tuesday...because we just can't wait until Wednesday.

I have intentionally not shared much about the soccer tryouts which are taking place this evening. And in an effort to keep all blows above the belt, I will continue to remain silent about what's going on at our soccer club with our son's team.

But I will say this...tonight could be ugly. If you would, say some prayers for all parties involved.

Above all else, tonight we will celebrate...regardless of which team our son ends up on, who he plays WITH, and who he plays FOR.

Because God is good. He is in control. He can see what's coming down the pike for us and knows just what team my 11yo needs to be on.

And all praise and honor and glory go to Him.

But we will enjoy these Blondies on His behalf.


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  1. Your Post makes my eyes tear up! You are right. ALL things for GOD's glory. Praying for his heart right now.