Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Take One

I know that my button is supposed to go here. But it's not here. Nor is it at the bottom.

In The Coop was so gracious (as I knew she would be) so spell out very detailed directions on how to put the button in my post.

But it didn't work. And by the time I had fiddled with it for a while, I realized it was time to go. But hopefully she will still be my friend.

As mentioned  yesterday (I apologize if you didn't read yesterday's you possibly not being a regular reader (yet, but maybe?), I haven't had much time to write as of late. Today is no exception.

So, despite the fact that I would love to expound on each item, I believe (for the most part) they are self-explanitory. So aside from being succinct (where I am usually quite wordy), I shall be true to typical Random & Shallow style, and be shallow and random.

I present for your review my list for Ten Things of Thankful:
  1. Lacrosse is over...this is mostly a thankfulness for the 11yo. He did NOT have a good experience with the coach. However the 10yo did and I wish his season was still going for that very reason. One coach got a gift from the team and one did not, which speaks volumes that I was not the same one who felt the way I did about each coach.
  2. Soccer is almost over...couple more games and that's it until next month (yes, it's a short break from soccer). I love soccer and frankly am a little sad to even have the break from the games. But I won't miss driving him to practice three days/week.
  3. It is almost time for vacation. Enough said.
  4. The dog has a place to stay while we're on vacation...and it's not at a boarding facility. I did not want to board him for two weeks...for many reasons. I am cheap for one, and he may be completely terrorized by it is another reason. This way, my friend may be the only one traumutized. (JK Jackie!)
  5. And that place (a friend's house) had a dog crate they wanted to try with Indy...which we were thankful for; it should help keep him out of trouble when they're not home.
  6. Indy L.O.V.E.S. the crate.
  7. Indy stayed in the crate yesterday while we were gone (but spilled his water all over the flooring...which is not good for the flooring).
  8. Indy stayed in his crate last night and I didn't care if he spilled water on the floor because he wasn't on the non-water resistant click & lock flooring; he was on ceramic tile.
  9. The flooring is done (yes, I'm still thankful that that).
  10. I am thankful for In The Coop for co-hosting're so fun and I am glad to be your friend.
  11. I was quickly able to come up with a list of ten eleven things very quickly because I have much to get going on today...also much to be thankful for and I promise you, In The Coop, to continue to be thankful all day long. Probably even beyond. 
Doesn't he look like he loves it? He's mastered the stink-eye look by emulating the PBA.
For the record (though the picture doesn't show it) the door is wide open...he keeps going in there on his own.


  1. Your dog's so cute. I'm glad you've found a better place for him than boarding while you go away. Thanks for joining in - I love that it was so easy for you to find things to be thankful about - life is good.

  2. I like your Post.
    I like the dog aspect, (they do seem to have a natural instinct for finding a cave), having said that, we have never done a formal crate-training thing for our dog(s), over the years. But there is one in the bedroom that Una will go to at some point in the night.

    Thanks for the Post to the newest blog hop on the scene! Considerer and '..on the Wall' are pretty amazing with the work that has been done to get this thing off the metaphorical ground.

    (now to force my eyes out of focus so I can read the imaginary words on the 'prove you're a human test' for submitting a Comment. ... and they told me that messing my head up in the 60s was a bad thing... ha! I can read distorted letters all day long!)

  3. New follower from the Things of Thankful Link Up!

    I totally understand about your doggy loving crates. My mom is a dog groomer and she said the crate is like a den or cave to a dog! That is why many love it so much. It is just home to them, a safe spot.

    Lana, the Little Bitty Farmer

  4. So, so glad you linked up for the big first thankful list, and not just because you say such nice things about me. :)
    We shall discuss the button situation at the game.
    Glad Indy doesn't have to spend all that time alone. You know I would have taken him if only I could have guaranteed his survival. He doesn't seem like much of a farm dog. (Ha! The image of Indy out here is cracking me up.)

  5. Indy is way too cute. He can come stay with ME for two weeks (and I'm not even a dog person). That Indy LOVES his crate is really something to be thankful for. I have one cat who loves getting in the crate and going in the car (we often take him with us to my parents' house) and one who slithers under the bed when we even TALK about the crate and, if forced to go in it, does unspeakable things inside it.

  6. I am truly with you that it is almost time for summer vacation and I will get a break from driving back and forth to pre-school during the week and dance on the weekend now. I know my girls loves these activities, but I need a bit of a break (selfishly). Loved your list by the way and so happy to get to know you better here now!! :)

  7. I am glad your sport season is almost over. I should have added I am thankful my daughter enjoys softball and made our county's all star theme. Maybe I will go back and add it? Enjoyed your post.

  8. Great post and even more great that you only had limited time to come up with all your things!
    Oh, and I really like your layout! ;-)
    Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  9. YES to it almost being time for vacation. I'm so glad for you that your dog loves crates. Mine didn't and I ended up having to spend $53/day at a facility that he could roam free in and not come home sad and with diarrhea. That's a big one!