Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Progress

May 5 (Hatching day!)
May 6
May 7
May 8
Editor's Note: It has not gone unnoticed by yours truly that one egg from the original clutch of 3 is gone (no evidence even on the porch...yuck-o!), and that this other egg probably should have hatched by now. However, I'm going with the assumption that if the mama hasn't disposed of it, there may be hope for it yet. As an aside, I kind of like having it there for size reference on the hatched baby.


  1. The goose we've been watching at preschool has finally left the nest. Only two of the nine eggs hatched, then she left to hit the pond.

  2. Went to my friends house yesterday, she had a wreath in her front door with a fake nest and fake eggs, made me think of your real nest and eggs...
    Wonder what happened to the other egg, and wonder what will happen to the coop's left over eggs?