Thursday, May 9, 2013

Once in a Lifetime

I just had a once in a lifetime experience and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you loyal fans who know and love me anyway...and also with you loyal fans whom I have never met but hopefully also love me anyway.

This is uber-big so I hope you are sitting down: while taking a load of laundry out of the dryer, THREE (count them 1-2-3) individual socks landed right next to their mates so I didn't have to dig through the load to find them.

Everyone rejoice with me now!

I know it may not sound like a big deal to you, but trust me it is.

In fact, it sounds like a reason to celebrate with ice cream!

But really, what isn't?

And not simply the bucket o' ice cream in the freezer...this is a special occasion, don't ya know? (That's in an Irish accent, BTW...not hick...without the explanation I can see it going either way...I am from Indiana, but I don't have to sound like it.)

I like to appeal to my international audience.

Or possibly offend really could go either way.

I'll even promise to use one of my BOGO (Buy One Get One, in case you're not up on the lingo) coupons for Blizzards at DQ.

We used one on Saturday night after the 11yo's soccer game...I didn't let him get soda at dinner because he had an 8:30 pm game (how crazy is that?!?...the game time, not the fact that I didn't let him have soda. That's not crazy at all.). But in exchange for no soda, I promised to buy a treat for him on the way home; part of me was hoping he would forget but alas, he did not.

He is my son after all...a bit of a penchant for the sweets he has.

Except he likes pies and cobblers and things not chocolate...that's clearly the other side of the family coming through.

So when he asked for DQ, how could I NOT use the coupon? If I'm buying one Blizzard, I might as well get a free one, right?

For the record, I did split it with Mr. Always Random, though...and we let the 11yo have his own.

Except for the tax. That's what we call it when we want a bite (or two) of something the PBA are eating. Correct usage: "Ummm excuse me, but there is a tax on that Blizzard." Feel free to use that on your own kiddos, or grandchildren. After a while they don't even argue about it, especially when you're the one buying.

I have three of said coupons left, but they expire at the end of May. I vow to not let any of them expire in my possession.

As I'm certain you have come to realize, I'm pretty hard-core on some things.

Yes, I'm fairly certain that after tonight I will only have two of those coupons left.

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  1. Hmmm, sounds to me like you need a girls' night out before May is over. :)