Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not Funny

I love my children.

L.O.V.E. them.

To bits.

To pieces.

To the moon and back.

Any vast amount analogy you'd like to use...that's how much I love my kids.

If you're a mom (or dad), you probably understand.

But at some point, I like to envision that they will be out of the house.

I'm not asking for it anytime soon, mind you...they are a little young. The legal system frowns on children leaving home before about age 18, I do believe.

And though it will be difficult, I'm praying that I don't have to give them the boot. That would be harder, I think, than if they came to me and said, "Mom...I'm ready to move out."

I do think that will be crushing to some degree, and I'll admit I am trying not to cry just thinking about it; I know it is what NEEDS to happen, it's what SHOULD happen.

Circle of Life, sort of thing.

Anyone want to sing it? Yes, I included a link to a youtube video for your viewing and/or listening pleasure. I promise not to judge you if you enjoy that song, or that movie…but please don’t sing the songs in my presence.

Frankly, “The Lion King” is probably one of my least-favorite Disney movies (sorry if that offends you), but I do know all the songs by heart.

I have the same ability to memorize as the 10yo; it's a gift and a curse. 

Let me revise my statement: I had the ability when I was younger...don't quiz me now, steel trap is a little bit rusty.

Don't judge. According to the television commercials, I should be using I can't seem to remember to.

However, I must get to my point in all this…I wanted to share a recent (albeit brief) exchange with Mr. Always Random the Younger (that being the 10yo, lest you be confused):

10yo: Mom, wouldn't it be funny if I graduated from high school and all of a sudden you were pregnant?

Me: Ummm funny? No, that's not exactly the word I would use...


  1. Oh, I think it would be hilarious! :)

  2. oh i kind of think that would be FUNNY!!!

  3. And you call yourselves friends...