Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I Hate But Are Better Than Being Sick

My 11yo has been sick this week.

Now, he's not "I can't lift my head off this pillow" sick; it's more of a "oh, wait a second, I need to run to the bathroom for a minute" sick.

I'm certain that's enough detail to clue you in as to what has been going on.

It has been going on since Sunday afternoon, though, and I am kind of ready for a regular schedule again.

Yes, I meant for that bathroom humor to be in there. Thanks for noticing.

Had he been a public school student, he would have had to stay home.

But because I am a homeschooling mom who likes to torture her children, I still have made my him do his schoolwork this week...despite the fact that he's been sick.

Has it meant that the days have taken a little bit longer than usual? Yes, most definitely.

Has it meant that I have maybe let a couple things fall by the wayside? Perhaps.

A couple things...but not journal writing.

It is the most important subject in school.

Ok, probably not the MOST...but it's up there. It's the precursor to the blog writing, I'm certain of it.

So...since I love a theme more than anything else, I tied in the ailment with the journal writing. His topic for the day was as follows:  Things I Hate But Are Better Than Being Sick.

I was inspired by a comment he made on Day 1 of being sick: "I would rather do MATH than feel like this."

So, not surprisingly, it is the number one thing in his journal list as well. He really hates math.

Without further delay, here is his list:
  1. Surprisingly, I would rather do math than be sick. (Again, this is the all-telling one).
  2. Doing composition beats lying around sick all day 3 to 1. (I could not agree with this makes me a little sad that he hates composition so much.) 
  3. I would rather get a shot. (I don't think getting a shot is that bad, although I haven't had to get shots such as those necessary for traveling to Third-World maybe it is pretty terrible. For the record, he's never gotten those kinds of shots either.)
  4. I would trade being sick for eating peppers all day. (He doesn't even mean HOT peppers...just any old kind of bell peppers. He hates them. The rest of us love them. He actually hates tomatoes...which we all love as well...more than he hates peppers, but he must have been in a stupor when he wrote this because if he had had full presence of mind, he would have said tomatoes.)
  5. I would rather sleep in my bed 2 nights without a blanket or a pillow. (I think it's funny that he said 2 nights...why the 2? Wouldn't just 1 night be bad?)
  6. I would rather eat buffalo tongue for lunch.  (Agreed.)
  7. I would rather pet a snake. (Also agreed.)
  8. I would rather make crepe and not have a single bite of it. (Yes, he meant "crepe" and not something else...he likes a theme too, but not that much.)
  9. I would rather eat pirogues for dinner 3 nights in a row. (Clearly he's forgotten that the last time I made pirogues he actually really liked them...but I won't remind him of that until I serve them again. And I just might do it 3 nights in a row. For spite. Because I'm like that.)    

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