Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The PBA's Reasons that I Am Awesome

So…first off I have to clarify that this was not my idea and I feel compelled to explain, right off the bat, why I have this post.

When the topic came up for Stasha’s Listicles for “Ten Reasons My Husband isAwesome” I turned it into a love-fest for Mr. Always Random, getting the PBA to give me their reasons why he’s awesome too. 

In order to get them to sit down and write the list, I made it part of their daily assignments.

Their journaling topic for that day, actually.

So the next day when they had journal writing, the 9yo suggested (and this was a smooth-move on his part because he’s been in “beaucoup de trouble” lately and I think it might have been part of his attempt to smooth things over) that they write a list of reasons why I am awesome.

Well, I am typically one to deflect a complement, but I did let them proceed.

Not because I thought that I would necessarily agree with most (or any) of it…but because I knew what they had put on their dad’s lists, I was curious what they would say about me.

And I had no other topic in mind for the day.


And believe me when I say I have done my best not to negate what they said, although if it needed clarification or explanation (or flat-out denial), I did make sure to include that below.

So…the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

11yo's List:
  1. The first reason that my mom is awesome is because she loves me.  (See, that was the LAST reason on Mr. Always Random’s list…not comparing us…just sayin’. Kind of.)
  2. She homeschools us.  (Well, that DOES make me awesome, if I do say so myself.)
  3. She takes time out her day to do things for me. (This is also true…I don’t know that it makes me awesome…it simply means that I am a mom.)
  4. She feeds me 4 meals a day.  (I don’t know what the fourth meal is but ok…maybe a hefty snack? Also, for the record, I do not “feed” him anything…he is capable of feeding himself. And even “making” his meals…he makes his own breakfast and lunch, and would make dinner as well if I asked. But frankly I don’t want ramen noodles every night. The upside is that he’ll survive just fine in college on an all-ramen-noodles diet.)
  5. She works so she buys things that we need and things that we want. (Mostly needs, but sometimes wants. They have their own money for the wants.)
  6. She lets me have an iPhone.  (For the record, it simplyacts like a glorified iPod Touch…no service plan and no phone service…only via the text free app which will let him makes calls when he’s on the wifi. And it was a hand-me-down. Please don’t be impressed to the level he wants you to be.)
  7. She lets me play in the woods, the field, and the park in our neighborhood. (I don’t know why this makes me awesome but ok…I suppose I could say “no” and that would make me not awesome. At least in his eyes.)
  8. She helps pay money to let me play sports. (Well, kind of. We buy the equipment…so I suppose he wouldn’t be able to play if I wasn’t awesome like that. Too bad he has to buy things way ahead due to things being on clearance and such, so that by the time his feet actually fit into the cleats, he may or may not like those cleats any more. But it is what it is. I am fortunate that he doesn’t complain much… if at all…about it. He is awesome like that.)
  9.  The 9th reason my mom is awesome is because she washes my clothes. (Well, I do use a washing machine…I’m not out back with the washboard and bucket. Moms who did wash like that were awesome.)
  10. The 10th reason is because she makes me laugh. (I was glad to see this make an appearance on the list because mostly, as of late, I get some eye rolls and/or shoulder shrugs when I try to make a joke. He is a tween and he’d rather be caught dead than laugh at a joke his mom or dad made.)
  11. She pays for my music lessons.  (We apparently lost count at this point…I’m sure he was so focused on pouring out his list of my awesomeness that he momentarily forgot what he was doing. )
  12. The 11th reason is because she lets me do archery.  (Well, I have to say, this makes me awesome too…especially after a certain mishap which shall remain unmentioned and my initial reaction was to break all the arrows and throw away the bow, but bygones you know. And this: Lamentations 3:22-23.That’s a hard one to deny.)
  13. The 12th reason is because she lets us go on field trips.   (Well, to clarify, I do a fair share of the driving on the field trips. Yes, the grandparents take them as well, but I take…I don’t just sign the permission slip. OK, actually there is no permission slip…but you know what I mean.)

I have to point out that I got 13 reasons from the 11yo and Mr. Always Random only got 10; the 9yo, however, gave us each 13 reasons…"Lucky 13" all around.

9yo's List:
  1. She likes to do things with me. (Could we be a little more vague here?)
  2. She helps me with my work. (Well, I am the teacher…I would HOPE that I help you with your work. And the Mom…moms usually help with work as needed too.)
  3. She makes our dinner. (Notice he didn’t say that I’m a good cook, just that I provide something to eat.)
  4. She likes to build Legos with me. (True dat.)
  5. She packs some of our lunch. (Just to clarify, he means that I do part of the lunch packing and they do the rest on the days when we go to the preschool. Otherwise, they are totally on their own for lunch.)
  6. She pays for our sports. (Not true unless you add the word “equipment”, but full disclosure is not necessary.)
  7. She likes to lay on the blanket with me. (I’m not entirely sure what this means…if it means snuggling up at prayer time before bed, or watching TV together on the couch…either one would be correct if that’s what he means. If it’s NOT what he means, then I have no idea to what he is referring.)
  8. She makes awesome tacos. (Well, there you have it. Ortega and I make a mean team in the kitchen.)
  9. She helps us with doing our co – op work. (Kind of…mostly it’s Mr. Always Random who helps with the Spanish…as noted in his list, were you paying close enough attention, I’m certain you already knew that. Clearly this work is different that “work” mentioned above.)
  10. She wanted to she put new flooring in (Why does this make me awesome? I don’t know…maybe because we were all ready for the new flooring, but I was the only one willing to be the squeaky wheel about it.)
  11. She let us have IPods / IPhones (Yes, this is awesome because most days I want to chuck these things out the window.)
  12. She lets us get muddy sometimes. (Again…awesome. I H.A.T.E. the slimy, muddy coating which I find on the inside of my washer at least once every spring, due to the amount of clay-rich mud in the yard and surrounding areas. It’s not that I don’t pretreat the mud…I have to be aware of it on the clothing in order to pretreat it. When things get shoved into the washer, leaving me unaware of the mud, then everything comes out mud-rich. It’s never usually a fun time for the PBA when I am rewashing a load of clothes. Especially with the high prices of Bargersville water…they sure are proud of that stuff and they charge an arm and a leg to prove it!
  13. Most of all she loves us (Aw, there you go…last on one list and first on the other. Can you tell who my favorite is this week?)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day!
One last thing and I'm going to toot my own horn: I saw this picture BEFORE our wedding,
and I went ahead and married Mr. Always Random.
I personally think THAT makes me awesome. :)

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  1. I'd say you are a pretty awesome mom! and I get plenty of eyeroll from the big kids, the little kids still laugh.