Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Listicles: Springing Up

Stasha gave us the Listicles of "Ten Things Spring" for today.

Frankly I wasn't feeling it.

So yeah, I went really off-road with this. Sure, there are tons of things I could have talked about relating to spring: Robins, green grass, sweet purple and yellow crocus poking their little heads between the river rocks in my front yard.

All those things I’m eager to see…but without the looming knowledge that they will all be hidden under a blanket of snow the next day.

It sure doesn’t look like spring here in Indiana (it did on Saturday but not today), and I have no spring in my step.

And frankly, I am getting sick of having sick kiddos in my house, and I’d love for them to “spring back” from this stomach bug a little bit faster, please.

So…call me ornery, but for today, instead, I chose Ten Things With Springs…

1. Pens: the clicky kind of course…you know what I mean. The ones that if you keep them in your purse, you end up with ink all over the lining of said purse because things inevitably get bumped around and the pen gets “clicked” and the tip is exposed. Not that I’ve ever done that, but I’ve heard stories about such things happening.

2. Slinky: This is simply a spring disguised as a toy that children begged their parents to buy because of the catchy jingle in the ads. And I don’t know about you, but I could never get this thing to work like it does in the commercials.  That song will be stuck in your head all afternoon, even if you didn’t watch the youtube video. You’re welcome.

3. Trampoline: Don’t even get me started on these things.

4. Mattresses: I actually do not have a mattress with springs in it. I have a foam mattress. I bought it from, and it was shipped to me for $2.95. It weighs 45 lbs and was vacuum-sealed in plastic for its journey to our home. Rolled up in a box measuring approximately “15 inches x 15 inches x however long a mattress is” for shipping, the PBA and I wrestled it onto the bed before I carefully cut the plastic to release it. It was fully-inflated in about a minute. And it is WONDFERFUL to sleep on. Well-worth the $350 spent. And no, I don’t get any royalties from for saying all that. But I probably should.

5. Those little suction-cup toys you push down to the table and they pop up (sometimes). I don’t know what they’re called, but you know what I mean. They’re little junky prizes that your kiddos end up bringing home from parties at school or friend’s birthday parties. I’m not a hater…I’m well-aware that I have sent home my fair-share of junky toys from my kiddos birthday parties. Maybe not this type specifically, but I’m not above sending home junk. 

6. Clipboards: those things can pack a brutal pinch if the spring is too tight. I’ve caught a finger in a clipboard more than once and it’s not so fun. That's really all I have to say about clipboards. We've probably all used one once or twice in our lives.

7. Those really dangerous metal animals on old-school playgrounds …they still make things that look like them but aren’t nearly as dangerous. Hot metal which gives third degree burns in the summertime heat…because of course you’re wearing shorts. It is summer! And just metal in general…perfect for chipping a tooth or two. I say let’s bring back the old ones!  (Really, I assure you that I’m kidding…)

8. Jack-in-the-Box: Don’t get too excited…I don’t mean the restaurant. I’ve never actually been to the restaurant. My children have, however, with their grandparents. More than once. They go to all the fancy places we can’t afford. No seriously they do…Jack in the Box isn’t one of those fancy restaurants…that was an aside comment. Sorry for the confusion. Anyway…I’m talking about a real jack-in-the-box with the crank and the music and the “surprise ending”. I always think of Buddy the Elf when I think of this toy. Not that I’m sitting around and thinking about this toy. Well, now I am. Sorry…I’d better stop the rambling on this.

9. Upholstered Couches & Chairs: what else can I say about this? You want them to have springs otherwise they are a little flat and/or lumpy. But covered springs only…an uncovered springs makes for an uncomfortable seat…I’m sure we’ve all been there. Think college or new-graduate apartment seating…I guarantee that either you or someone you know has had a piece of furniture with a spring that jutted out, right? Point made.

10. Ride-on horse…frankly, I don’t know what they are called, but I do know that I had one. It lived in the garage. It was from a neighbor (and I hesitate to say hand-me-down because my parents might have paid good money for it, but I don’t even know…I should probably ask). Anyone else have one? My horse was called Trigger. This is not him, but it captures the essence of him. I could ride like the wind on that horse.

Well, that’s enough. I’d better check on child #2 and I'd better spring to it! Have a fabulous day!


  1. Great thinking out of the box! For me its a blanket of pollen so I wasn't feeling it either. I'm getting ready to go check the pens in the bottom of my new purse.

  2. Ha! I was thiiiis close to doing a similar post. Very hard to be happy about spring when covered in 6 inches of snow.
    You did a fabulous job with it. I didn't do it because I couldn't come up with 10 things with springs. Bravo!

  3. Love this take on the list and we had a horse like the one in #10 that my kids wore out! Erin

  4. Clever take on the list! It's still winter here too, boo!

  5. Well thats a lot of springs that sprang into your mind! I bought a cheap rolled up foam mattress in IKEA and it is the best bed I ever slept on. EVER!