Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Man with a Plan

My apologies to those of you with whom I am friends on FB; you may have seen this before. I was going through some of my past writings, I found this one that I posted on FB last summer, before the birth of the blog (That makes it sound so important and grandiose, doesn't it? The BIRTH of the blog.)

But it made me laugh out loud, as I had completely forgotten about the incident. Which makes me thankful for the times I do write down the funny, silly, or fantastic things my children do. I don't want them to grow up and I forget all those little details that comprise the reasons I love them so much.

And I must confess that this post makes me feel just a touch on the guilty side, since I told him he's not allowed to play football anymore...but I have yet to hear of a different plan.

Ok, back to the shallow...enjoy!


More than once, the staff at the PBA has discussed with the students their futures and what their possible vocations might be (realizing, of course, that many jobs which will exist in 10 years do not currently exist and couldn’t possibly be on their radar at the present time).

As one would naturally expect of either one, given their ages, the 11yo hasn’t quite made up his mind yet. 

The 9yo, however, has been planning his path for several years now. Although recently, I thought he had switched things up on me.

While riding in the car, he randomly announced, “Someday I’m going to get a job as one of those people who walk up and down the aisles at football games and throw stuff at people.”

“Oh, you mean vendors?”

“Yeah, I want to be a vendor.

“Interesting…so you want to be a vendor? THAT’s your career choice?”

“No, that’s the job I’m going to have after I retire.”

“Oh, okay. Well, what are you going to do before you retire?”

With total disgust, he rolled his eyes and said, “I’m going to be the quarterback for the Packers.”

“Oh, and THEN you’re going to be a vendor at the games.”

“Yeah, because I want to keep getting into the games for free.”

It may not be a good one, but at least he’s got a plan.

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