Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Listicles: Ten Tiny Things Which Bring Me Joy

So…today’s Monday Listicles topic from Stasha is Ten Tiny Things Which Bring Me Joy. As you might expect, I did have a little trouble limiting myself on this one so I didn’t. Limit myself, that is. Well, I kind of did, in that I did only write ten things in my list…but I did write two lists.

Yes, I went ahead and divided my list into two categories: Food Items, and Non-Food Items. And I have to confess that despite the split in categories, I found it somewhat difficult to limit myself to just ten in each one. 

The little non-food items were difficult, because I just like little things. It makes me feel like a giant, and who wouldn’t want to feel like that? Especially because I am not the tallest woman God ever created, it’s not often that I am bigger (taller, that is…I’m plenty BIGGER than many things), than a lot of things.

Sad, but true, that little foods make me joyful…but they do. I love the fact that since they are so small, they can’t possibly have fat or calories…which is why I can eat an inordinately large amount of each and not have to count the calories. How fantastic is that?

So, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…I’m certain you can hardly stand it. And as usual, the lists are in no particular order…if for no other reason, I simply stopped writing things down so there was no way I could possibly rank them.

Now for the Ten Tiny Non-Food Things Which Bring Me Joy:
  1. Free samples that come in the mail…and especially ones that come with a coupon. The best one I received recently was for Method detergent…it was 8 washes worth of detergent. That’s more than a sample, in my opinion, and ALMOST makes me want to buy Method (of course only if it was on sale at a good price and I had a coupon, and even then it is probably still crazy-expensive). But I will admit this: advertising works…in case you didn’t know.
  2. Travel size toiletries…even though I am not one who loves to travel, I do love the travel-size toiletries. I don’t like to pay for them, because they cost so much more per ounce, but I do like to peruse them at the store. It’s weird I know.
  3. Beads…when I was at IU, my friends and I would love to make a Saturday afternoon trip to “downtown Bloomington to visit Boca Loca and make some earrings, or a bracelet or simply just buy some beads.  I would spend hours in that place, just looking at all the beads. Or I would buy beads without even having a project in mind. Again…weird.
  4. Spools of ribbon…again, it’s odd, but I could wander in the ribbon section of JoAnn’s for quite a while. Not so much today if the PBA are in tow, but if I’m in the area, I might get a good 5 minutes of non-whining out of them with which I look at the ribbon. And sometimes I buy them too…of course, only ones fulfilling the two stipulations: cheap-o ones, and ones which I could actually use in a card or some other craft. So really...not any stipulations. If I like it and it's cheap, I will probably buy it. I will find a way to work it into a craft. No worries.
  5. New bottles of nail polish…there’s something exciting about getting a color you’ve never bought before. Or buying a new bottle of your favorite color. Or simply having nail polish that isn’t sticky and clumpy in the bottle…and actually dries when you put it on. For those of you who may disagree, I’m here to inform you that polish doesn’t last forever, and eventually either dries out or gets clumpy (justlike regular paint). But unlike regular paint, it can be inexpensive…and the Sunday paper often has a coupon for it. Bonus!
  6. Buttons and button jars…I love looking through buttons and sorting through old button jars. I have a jar of buttons filled with buttons of past clothing. You know those extra buttons you get on your clothes.  Well, not so much anymore…at least for me. Most of my clothes don’t have buttons period. Or if they do, the clothes are inexpensive and don’t come with extra buttons. It’s a sign of the times, and of the economy, but in the interest of keeping this shallow, I dare not dwell on it. Anyway…when I used to get an article of clothing with extra buttons on it, I would put them in the jar. I sometimes also just buy bags of random, unsorted buttons. I like to look at them (weird!) but I also use them in crafts. So they’re not just lovelies sitting in a jar on the shelf. They’re getting used too. Maybe not in the way God intended (ok, I don’t really think God invented buttons or had a notion of how He intended for them to be used…and who else caught my unintentional pun? A button is found in the “notions” section of the craft store. Ah…it’s hard being punny. A gift and a curse…truly.
  7. My dollhouse made by my grandpa. Yes, 'tis true that the dollhouse itself is not tiny, but all the things inside it were/are. Oh...I would play for HOURS with that thing: setting up rooms, rearranging furniture...and shopping with my mom for all the little details which would make my dollhouse feel like a real house. I don't ever remember  really acting out scenes or events...just setting up the stage. I'm so sad that it's all packed up in boxes, awaiting my grandaughters...the PBA just don't appreciate it like I had hoped (ok, I didn't really hope they would...they are boys, and I was never convinced that they would be as gentle with it as I would like them to be...those china dolls wouldn't stand a chance with them). So all that to has brought me much joy and I know it will bring me joy again someday. Sorry...back to the shallow...
  8. Tiny binder clips and tiny paper clips…ok, honestly, who DOESN’T love these things? And please understand, I do not mean regular binder clips or paper clips, which are small in their own right. I mean TINY ones. The ones that are so cute. And totally impractical for everyday stuff...but cute nonetheless. And they are perfect for papercrafts. If you have any you’d like to dispose of, please feel free to send them my way.
  9. Salt & pepper shakers…I have part of my Grandma’s Salt & Pepper Shaker collection. And after I got it, and actually had a place where I could display them, I began collecting my own. They just make me happy and make me feel like I have a connection to her, and to our country’s history. My favorite ones are possibly the oldest ones in my collection: a pair of bombs celebrating V-Day in WWII.
  10. Nivea lip balm…yes, I am going brand-specific on this. You don’t often see that from me, unless we’re talking food, so you can rest assured that this is important. I just love it. And it’s kind of expensive so wait for it to go on sale. And use a coupon for crying out loud! Just last week, CVS had these 2/$5…which doesn’t sound like a bargain, but there was also a coupon in the Sunday paper for $3 off/2…which brought it down to $1 each. That’s less than regular Chapstick. Which I used to love, but the scents leave something to be desired…even the Cherry. It smells like a cough drop…and who wants to go around smelling like a cough drop or tasting cough drop all day, especially when you’re not sick? Maybe you do, and I don’t’ judge that…well, maybe I do a little bit because it is weird…but I would venture to guess that most people don’t.  So sorry that I did not post this CVS deal in here sooner, as I didn’t think I would have so much to say about the Nivea Lip Balm. But I will try to remember to let you know if/when I see that deal again. (For the record, it has been at CVS twice in the past couple months, so here’s to hoping it will come up again.)

And now for the Ten Tiny Foods Which Bring Me Joy:
  1. M&M’s …plain milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut, peanut butter, pretzel, mint…that’s about it. I don’t want to try any of those coconut ones, or the chocolate covered cherry ones. Makes me a little gaggy to consider those two. Why ruin a good thing? I will explain, though, that I do not like chocolate covered cherries or chocolate and coconut. Really, I’m not a coconut kind of gal in any way…I don’t mind the flavor, but can’t stand the texture.  
  2. Cake pops…chocolate, but that really goes without saying, right?…and I don’t even really need the stick, but then it’s not really a cake POP, is it? It’s more like a cake ball…and frankly that brings back disturbing memories of a conversation with my 11yo. I’m sure you may recall. If not, here you go: Parts Is Parts.
  3. Mini marshmallows…mostly in hot chocolate. Actually, ONLY in my hot chocolate. I don’t make it a habit of eating plain marshmallows of any size. Maybe if they’re chocolate covered, but otherwise no.
  4. Speaking of chocolate covered things: chocolate covered espresso beans. This needs no explanation, does it? If you don’t like coffee, clearly this won’t be for you, but if you do, you’ll probably be all over it. If you’ve never tried one, I will caution you that the texture does take some getting used to. It is a real coffee bean in there, so imagine what that would be like and put a thick coating of dark chocolate on the outside…and ta-dah! It’s  a little gritty, so let me be the one to offer to take any off your hands should you ever find yourself in a predicament in which you are given some chocolate covered espresso beans and do not want them.
  5. And along the same vein, I also enjoy a good chocolate covered pomegranate seed. This is a very recent discovery for me (as in, just two days ago I discovered this), and they are T.A.S.T.Y. Even if you don’t like pomegranates in any way, you should give this a whirl. And even if you don’t like chocolate in your fruit, I would still suggest it. I was completely in that camp…don’t be messing with my fruit and chocolate. Fruit is with fruit, and chocolate is with chocolate, and never should the two mix. But through my epiphany this week-end, I may see a place where I have been wrong. Please forgive me for my previous hard-line stance on food segregation. I can see how fruit and chocolate may have found a way to work together. But I don’t see much potential for it working out beyond the pomegranate.
  6. Dried cranberries…regular, as well as ones infused with blueberry, cherry or pomegranate juice. And I don’t even need chocolate on them (obviously, as I’ve already explained). For the record, I DO NOT really care too much for chocolate-covered raisins…they will do if it is a chocolate emergency, and even then I may just simply suck the chocolate off and spit out the raisins. Who am I kidding? I don’t waste food. I would suck the chocolate off and then eat the raisins plain…albeit begrudgingly. See, we’re getting back into the chocolate and fruit issue, and I’m all in a tizzy about the chocolate and pomegranate seeds, that I just cannot talk about it anymore.
  7. Rye chips in a bag of Gardetto’s …yes, I threw you for a loop, didn’t I? Talking about salty snacks and not sweet ones…never fear…I’ll switch back for the rest of the list. I’m beginning to think I MAY have a sugar addiction. Anyway, the rye chips in the Gardetto’s…you know what I’m talking about. T.A.S.T.Y. And I clearly am not the only one who likes those best because they now sell bags only of the rye chips. Gardetto’s executives, feel free to send a free bag (or  dozen) my way for plugging your product…I know you read my blog. Don’t try to deny it.
  8. Fun-size candy bars (not the mini ones because that’s just ridiculous)…but ones in which I can actually (if I choose to) take more than one bite to finish it. Again, who am I kidding? I eat a whole Fun Size candy bar in one bite too. I’m just saying I COULD take more than one bite.
  9. Mini cupcakes…again, because there are no calories in them….I’m sure of it…they are simply too small to have calories stuffed inside. And they are just about as cute as they can be. But I must confess that there is simply not a good enough ratio of icing to cake in a cupcake of any size. I like a nice, big glob o’ icing with my cake. If it’s a sheet cake and you’re offering me an edge piece, “yes please!” If it’s a corner piece, even better. But please no whipped cream icing…because that is sacrilegious and an insult to cakes everywhere.
  10. Drinks samples at Starbucks…if you hit it while they’re busy, you can easily snag multiple samples, thereby satisfying your need for a Starbucks beverage and you don’t even need to spend a dime. Just make sure it’s something you might actually like otherwise it’s simply wasted calories. One time I got a Spiced Pumpkin Latte…gag! No offense to those of you who live and breathe lattes. I think they’re beyond gross. Well, maybe not BEYOND, that’s a little harsh, but regardless: I do not like them. At. All…but on the flip side, no wasted money. It’s a tough call, actually. Don’t look for me to make that decision for you…because I can’t. For myself, I’m probably going to go with the calorie intake versus the money expenditure. My cheapness over-shadows my good taste.

So there you have it…Ten (ok, Twenty) Tiny Things Which Bring Me Joy…have a joyful day!

This is part of my S&P well as a few other miscellaneous things thrown in; notice the V-Day bombs in the center, alongside my turnabout bride & groom (on one side they are young and beautiful, and on the other side...not so much), and my Mama Kangaroo & the Joey in her pouch. 


  1. You gotta love small binder clips...nice call on that one.

    1. Thanks Wayne...glad to hear someone echo my affinity for smaller than necessary office supplies. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm with Wayne on the binder clips, but the buttons were my favorite and the sweet story about your dollhouse. Erin

  3. Have you seen the short ink pens? I love the gel ones in different colors. Our Adventures with Riley's blog mentioned the little teeny jar of vaseline - love that too! I love miniatures too but I have to agree not on the candy bars. They don't taste quite right either.

    1. Yes, the short ink pens are fun, but I do tend to lose them in the bottom of my purse. And yes, tiny jars of Vaseline...forgot about those. Love them! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Is it wrong that I totally skipped straight to the food items first and then drooled all over my keyboard?! ;)

    1. No, I see nothing wrong with that...the first list was just a warm-up anyway. And to be honest, I switched the post so it would end with the food items. Kind of a "end on a high note" that wrong?

  5. I adore the tiny binder clips. I have boxes and boxes of them at work!

    1. One can never have too many, right! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. Oh my gosh! I keep little baby food jars of buttons. Love binder clips, so under-rated! Right there next to my Sharpie obsession!
    Visiting from listicles!

    1. Well, office supplies in general are a happy thing, aren't they? Have you tried the glitter Sharpies? I got some for Christmas but am saving them for something special. (I must be getting older, huh? I sound a little bit like my grandma in that statement!)

  7. I love free samples too and I can never go without Nivea lip balm. My grandma bought me a whole Nivea set for Christmas a few years ago (I know, grandmas and their functional gifts.)

    1. Yes, I love the functional gift...probably more so than the non-functional. Well, let's not be crazy...I like them all! Have a great day!

  8. I have a thing for office supplies. Binder clips come in such fun colors and you really can use them for so much! It's great torture for teenagers. :D