Thursday, February 28, 2013

Les Misérables…Still

As you may know, we are on a Les Misérables kick at our house...still.

This is my third blog post about it, which should clue you in at least a smidge.

This was a conversation in our house about it from a couple nights ago. 

The fact that we're having conversations (note that the word conversation is PLURAL) about it should also tell you something.

9yo: Mom, someone told us how Javert dies.

Me: Oh yeah?

Though I’ve seen the stage play three times, I couldn’t quite remember how he died; I knew it was a suicide but the details in my mind were fuzzy at best. The boys had asked me about it, but I claimed it was because I didn’t want to ruin the suspense of it for them. 

They were none the wiser.

They need to continue to be under the impression I know SOME things that they don’t; the time is rapidly approaching when they will think I don’t know ANYTHING. I have to get in while the getting's good. I'm sure you understand.

9yo: Yeah, he jumps off a bridge.

Mr. Always Random: Was that because he couldn’t take any more of the music?

Clearly not EVERYONE in the house shares our affinity for musical theater…

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  1. I so enjoy your husband.
    Because of these many conversations/blog posts/mentions when we talk in person, I have actually downloaded the book onto Kindle and am reading Les Mis. I am 4% into it, and I have no idea how the tidbits I've heard from you will fit in or where this is all going. Perhaps after I read I, too, will go crazy over it and listen to music non-stop.