Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Dreamed a Dream

We are ALL about culture at the PBA. To illustrate this point, we’ve been listening to selected works of the Les Misérables soundtrack (yes, it’s selected works because that’s what I somehow ended up with instead of the full meal deal). 

Someone gave it to me and you know how I am about getting things for free.

I took it!

I hate that the whole thing isn’t on there, but alas, it at least gives the PBA a taste of what the musical has to offer.

So, we’ve been listening to it in the car; in the initial listening, I gave the boys a smidgen of the plotline with each song…just enough to whet their appetite. And with each subsequent listening, I have asked them to tell me what is going on in the story at that point.

We have plans to watch the DVD of the stage performance (once the DVD player is returned to its rightful place on the TV stand...when the flooring is finished...I dare not ask for anything else until the floor is done). And we fully intend to see the movie…on the big screen even…once it’s at the cheapies, of course. 

I know…that goes without saying. But I said it anyway.

And this probably also goes without saying, but I am currently reading the book. All 1400+ pages. I am NOT going to make the PBA read it. But most books I do make them read before seeing the movie. The 11yo is currently reading The Life of Pi. 

I have no interest in the movie because I’m sure the book is way better…it always is, but I’ll take him if he finishes it by the time it’s at the cheapies. Of course.

I’m a good mommy like that. For the record we may take in our own snacks as well. Shhh!

Anyway, we’ve been singing the songs to the musical...not just in the car. Around the house as well. Well…I have been. 

And the 9yo is starting to. 

And the 11yo…I’ve caught him once or twice outside the car singing them to himself when he thought no one was around.

This musical immersion has been going on for a little over a week. However, just today, the 9yo must have begun to actually listen to the lyrics. Because from the back seat I heard:

9yo: What is with all the SADNESS in these songs?

Me: Buddy, remember…it’s called Les Misérables…‘The Miserables’. We’ve talked about how much the characters have suffered and about their misery. What kind of songs did you think would be in it?
9yo: I don’t know but I thought there would be something in there that was happy, happy, happy!

Clearly we run the gamut of what could be considered quality entertainment…if we’re combining our Les Misérables discussion with our Duck Dynasty references. 

Call it what you will; I prefer to call it well-rounded.

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