Thursday, November 22, 2012


Normally I make my children stop at one (maybe two) desserts...sometimes it depends on how generous or laissez faire I'm feeling.

Today I was very much "Let them eat cake." (Though not really fitting for this setting, I've decided to get as many French references into this post as am I doing?)

As the 9yo was polishing off his third piece of cake (see, I brought that cake reference around), I told the 11yo he could have more pie if he chose to. He'd already had two pieces and knowing the PBA like I do, I knew that if I didn't handle it tout de suite, there would be much debate and consternation later about who had what number of desserts. Easiest to keep it's not that I really wanted my children to do more carb loading.

When I told him he could have more, by that I meant ONE more piece...see how that works? Two plus one equals three...which was the same number of pieces of cake as his brother. 

Facile, n'est pas?

His response, I must admit, surprised me, because the 11yo loves himself some pie. And his neglectful mother only makes pies for his father's (same guy is also my husband...see how that works) birthday...which is in two days, BTW. He gets a sugar cream pie, which I think is uber-disgusting but all three y-chromosomes in my house love it. The 11yo is truly deprived to only get said pie once a year. Little does he know that I would make one for his birthday as well, if only he would ask.  I'm not going to tell him, though, because he always gets a cake from Piece of Cake for his birthdays. No offense to any other bakers, but they have THE BEST cakes.  But I digress...

I thought for sure he'd jump at the chance for more pie. Au contraire mon frere...this didn't go down as I thought. When I told, actually ENCOURAGED, him to eat more pie, his response: "I'm going to wait until I don't feel like I'm gonna throw up." 

And I thought, "Well, at least he does have SOME sense. I will be sure to remind him of that later when he's arguing about how much more sugar his brother got to eat." 

However about an hour later...he ate 3 more pieces of pie.

Zut! They're back to being unequal. And I don't care.

So what about this story makes me thankful (you reference to the title)? Because he's not in the bathroom throwing up. Yet.

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  1. I'm going to throw up thinking about him eating that much pie. Blah!