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Family Photos...Consider Yourself Warned

Every year at Christmas we send a family picture along with the card. Sometimes there's a letter; sometimes not. I obviously have a lot to say to all of you, but for some reason Christmas letters leave me stumped. How to condense a year into a page or two? I know my friend In The Coop doesn't condense, but she's a gifted writer and no one would WANT her to condense. I don't say that as self-deprecating...just as truth. You can check her out here for youself. Bring tissues, because you'll laugh so hard you'll cry.

Anyway...about the pictures. I often hesitated to take & send them because I thought for sure, that my hubby and I, especially, always looked the same.

And yet as I perused these pictures, I discovered that we actually have changed slightly…just didn’t seem that way at the time; and, I’ll be honest…I rarely ever want my picture taken and often the only picture you’ll see me in for the entire year is the family Christmas photo. But for an occasion like this (because I KNOW you've all been wanting to see family photos of us from the past 11 years), I was able to dredge up at least one family photo for each year since we became a family. 

And please don't message me to say that my husband and I were a “family” before we had kids; I know it's true. But for all intents and purposes, having our first child made it more so. Plus, I don’t really have pictures of the two of us pre-kiddo. Well, none that I will willingly put online for all the world to see…or just the 20-30 of you who read my blog. Same difference.

As I said, I don’t love having my picture taken and was able to pretty much avoid it until the PBA came along. And even then, there are many times when I am absent. One might suspect that I am the photographer (the curse of the photographer is never being included in the pictures), but if you know us at all, you know that my dad is typically the photographer. So neither one of us are in very many pics.

Somewhere along the way, however, a wise person (I assert the fact that she is wise because I am following her advice) pointed out to me that my children may, at some point, like to have pictures of their mother. Sensing that was probably true (because I do enjoy seeing pictures of my own mother, despite the fact that she doesn’t like her picture taken either), I have become a more willing subject (I would say “model” but that sounds too presumptuous, doesn’t it?)

One other thing you may have noticed (which I did not until I saw them here together)...apparently we like the color "blue". Every year at least one person was wearing blue, except for Christmas 2001. And just for clarification, lest you believe I am mistaken, in the Summer 2006 picture, I am wearing a black jacket with a blue shirt underneath. You can't see it because of how my son is standing in front of me, but trust me it is. I have on earrings with blue to prove it. Don't test me.

So what I have laid before you are mostly Christmas pictures, but some are randomly-shot family pictures which might entertain you if nothing else. I’ll date them as I go. In addition to the boys getting bigger, I’m sure you’ll notice changes in my hair cut and color…and maybe my weight. 

Actually, let’s HOPE you see a difference in my weight. If not, I probably need to hit the gym!

June 2001
This is when our now 11yo was about a week old...such a little peanut tipping the scales at a bitty 5 lbs 10 oz. My husband was apparently 18 at the time our first child was born. He's now just shy of 42. Having children ages you exponentially.

December 2001
This was our first Christmas with our little Butterball...he quickly made up for a low birth weight. Here he was in his Santa Mickey's kind of difficult to see with my black sweater but if you look closely, you'll see the ears. He ASKED for that hat so how could we say "no"? 

Ok clearly that's a lie, but I had to give SOME reason why we would put him in a silly hat. Actually strike that...we are the parents. That's part of our responsibility, to dress our children in funny outfits before they have the ability (or sense) to protest. 

December 2002
This was our second Christmas with him (He was finally getting some hair at that point, but had only had one haircut. It was like gossamer and floated off into the air when it was cut. We had a heck of a time collecting little bits for his baby book.) And we were expecting our second child...hence my REALLY full face. 

I love this picture...of the guys, not me. I always think our son has this look like he's saying, "Hey, what are you guys doing?" 

Notice by now I have cut my hair short, as compared to the year before. Everyone told me "Oh, grow your hair out while you're pregnant because once the baby comes you won't have time to do anything with it so you'll have to put it up in a ponytail." Yeah, that didn't really work for me.

March 2003
Our first "Family of Four" picture. The now 9yo was not even a week old...notice his jaundice (he's the only one who looks tan in March). And my hair's even shorter than it was at Christmas.

December 2003
Baby Number 2 was wearing the Santa Mickey hat, but once again it's difficult to see with my husband's dark sweater. Again, trust's there. And clearly we were ALL happy to be having our picture taken. 

Fall 2004
Christmas pictures at The Island. Only one of a handful of times in which I dressed the PBA in matching outfits for a photo op. And yes, if you know me, I still do have that denim top which I wear regularly. Don't judge. I do believe it looks better now than it did in that picture, but that's just my opinion. If yours differs, please keep it to yourself.

Fall 2005
Another photo at The Island. That summer it was so blazing hot while we were there, the best family picture we could do was stepping out on the balcony of the condo, shoot a few pictures, and go back inside. I don't know if you can tell my the picture but even doing that, we were sweating profusely. Nice to know, isn't it? Oh, and yes, another pair of matching shirts for the PBA. Maybe I did that more often than I remember...

Summer 2006
I couldn't find the Christmas picture from this year...I have a printout of it but can't locate it digitally. This is the church directory picture. Notice my braces. It was round two of the braces. That's what happens when you don't wear your retainer, kids. Yes, a PSA thrown into this hot mess. Oh yes, I was looking good, wasn't I? This one was the best of the you can imagine what the others looked like.

Summer 2007
Another photo shoot at The Island. See, at least we mix things up and have a different location for each one, right? I'm fairly certain this was not our Christmas picture that year either, but I think it only had the PBA. And I KNOW you want to see me in the pictures...

Summer 2008
This was taken at Pea Island, near Kitty Hawk, NC. It was a nice day and everyone was having a lovely time, as you can once again see by the picture. I use this one because I think I look pretty good in it. That's how I judge if a picture is print-worthy: if I am in the picture, I look at myself first. If I look good, the photo makes the short list. If I don't look good, it is immediately deleted. Consider yourself notified if you and I are ever photographed together: if I look good, it's going to be a keeper, regardless of what you may look like.

Yes, we took pictures in 2009. However, I couldn't put the 2009 picture in the blog. My oldest was going through major orthodontia work and that picture would be a touch embarrassing. I mean, it was as it was, but still... He would be M.A.D. at me for sure. And I don't blame him in the slightest. No need to add drama into any area of my life.

October 2010
This was about 2-3 months after my surgery. The 9.5 hour one, after which I came home with drains and lots of stitches and a compression garment. I may have referred to it before but maybe not. I shall spare you the gory details of it, but I will assure you that it was a good time, as I'm certain you can well imagine.  Regardless, I thought I looked so different at the time (ironically because I never feel like I look different), but when I look at this picture, I think I look the same as before. The same except for the headtails...apparently I thought I was the character Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I mean, I really like the show, but I'm not sure why I thought I should emulate a character.

September 2011
Okay, are you getting the idea that we go to Hilton Head often? Yes, ANOTHER one from The Island. And yes, it is a pose with a tree, but NOT the same tree as 2007. I know where each one was and I assure you that they are different. Also, if you look carefully at the bark, it is OBVIOUSLY different. Yes, I am a botanist now, thanks for asking.

October 2012
Yes, one more from The Island. A sunset one this time. And full body. And at the trees this year. 

And no, this is not the official Christmas picture for this year. I can't spoil the big surprise for those of you who are eagerly anticipating its forthcoming arrival in your mailbox...

Either way it doesn't really matter. We always look the same. 

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