Sunday, August 19, 2012

What I Would Have Missed

My 11yo had a soccer tournament this week-end in Cincinnati. I LOVE to watch him play soccer, and the fellowship with the other parents is loads of fun too. Spending two whole days eating, breathing and sleeping soccer. I can’t explain it but it makes my heart happy (although some of that may be the sugar rush from the Tootsie Pops).

That being said, I’ll confess, I am getting a little weepy as I sit here and write this, as I did not go with him.

I would have loved to have gone, but my 9yo had a football game last night and we didn’t want him to miss it. My husband and I decided that instead of pawning him off on someone to handle the game and keep him for the week-end, we would split the family down the middle; one parent would go to Cincy and one would stay home. I advocated this split, as I felt like I haven’t been as excited about football, and perhaps not as supportive of the 9yo’s sport of choice as of late. And perhaps my husband has been a little more into football than soccer this fall. So we felt that this split would be good for all of us.
I suppose it’s time for true confessions. Last year at this tournament, our boys got their behinds handed to them on a platter. It was ugly. I did not have high hopes for the tournament in this go-round, so I figured I would not miss much. As we discussed it, I was making it look like I was being such a martyr. “No, no, you go. I’ll stay home and tend the house and the 9yo. You go and enjoy the tournament.” Meanwhile I was thinking, “Phew! Glad I dodged that bullet. I love to watch him play soccer, but last year was a total train wreck and I do not want to watch that again!”

Little did I know….and now I’m certain God is laughing at me, because in the first game yesterday, my child scored a goal. He usually plays defense but yesterday was on offense. And this was the first goal of the game for his team. With a left-footed shot, from the 18 box. He’s right-footed. Nice. And I missed it.
They went on to win that game and tie the second one. They won the first game this morning and now, as I type, are preparing to play in the CHAMPIONSHIP (Editor’s Note: they did lose that game, but came in second in their division).

So, back to the 9yo and this football business: He’s my baby and I’m just not keen on football. They HIT each other. Knock one another down. It’s not so innocent as stealing a ball or shoving someone off a ball with your shoulder. It’s hitting. Hard and fast.  It’s dangerous. Those pads give a false sense of safety. But I will get off my soapbox. This topic could be a completely different rant, I mean blog, altogether.
In an effort to help me accentuate the positive, (“You've got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, And latch on to the affirmative, Don't mess with Mister In-Between.” Any Bing Crosby & Andrew Sisters fans out there?...) today I wanted to focus on the things I would have missed out on, had I been in Cincinnati instead of at home. For those of you keeping score at home, here is my list, in no particular order:

I would have missed out on cleaning my entire house.

I would have missed the dog getting in the trash can and spreading garbage all over the floor which I had just cleaned.
I would have missed spending time with my 89yo grandma at breakfast yesterday and at church & lunch today. I wish I could see her more…she needs to move to Greenwood from New Castle (she reads my blog so I had to put a plug for that in here).

I would have missed getting laundry taken care of before the week begins. I would have had 3 loads of laundry waiting for me (bathroom rugs included) when I got home this evening instead of getting it finished yesterday.

I would have missed going to the Salvation Army Store and getting a skirt, blouse, sweater and a set of 6 metal buckets for a craft project all for the low, low price of $5.49.
I would have missed going to my 9yo’s football game and sitting there for an hour and a half before it started.

I would have missed meeting the parents of another player. I’ll confess that this is something I haven’t been doing well with b/c I HATE putting myself out there and meeting new people. Also if I meet someone and kind of enjoy their company then I would have less fodder for complaining about the football practices and games; I would have someone to chat with and that always makes the sporting events more enjoyable. I hate to admit that, children, because I know you were under the assumption that I went to the practices and games to see you play and that was the sole reason. It’s a big part of the draw, but it’s not the only reason. Sorry to burst that bubble.
I would have missed my friend AW, my mom and my grandma coming to hang out with me at the football game.

I would have missed seeing my 9yo get flattened, knocked straight down on his back, and then hop back up as though nothing had happened.
I would have missed taking a shower when I got home, while my 9yo fixed dinner. It was nothing overly fancy but he offered and I took him up on it.

I would have missed cuddling with my 9yo, chatting about the show we were watching and eating ice cream.
I would have missed him telling me that he thought that kids on TV shouldn’t be allowed to kiss or hug adults as though they were their real parents; they should only be able to kiss or hug other actors on the show if they are, in fact, their REAL parents. It was interesting to me that this thought had occurred to him, so I asked him about actors kissing women who were not their wives. He didn’t think that was right either. Hmmm. Who knew. We’ve never discussed that. Ever. So thank you God for putting that in his heart.  I didn’t know that was in there and I would have missed it.

I would have missed the dog puking this morning…it was the trash he ate yesterday.
I would have missed a fantastic outdoor worship service this morning, followed by a pitch-in meal and “pig-pickin’” afterwards.

I would have missed fellowship with my church family, and time to sit in the glorious sunshine; actually I take that last part back. I would have been enjoying two days of the glorious sunshine had ti gone to Cincy. Bygones.
I would have missed being introduced to a friend’s MIL who is here visiting from Senegal; she came to the worship service today, although she knows little English, and she is Muslim.
I would have missed coming home to a clean house (courtesy of myself, but still…it’s clean and I can enjoy it).
I would have missed getting lesson plans finished for the PBA for the next 2 weeks (they aren’t as happy about this development as I).
I would have missed letting the 9yo have some dear friends over to hang-out this afternoon: Legos, Star Wars, and a sword fight. At least I think that’s what they did…I was in here compiling my list…it’s quality supervision over here, let me tell you; you’re going to want to send your kids here, I’m certain of it.
I would have missed being locked out of the house and discovering that my neighbor does, in fact, still have a copy of my house key.
I would have missed working in my office and listening to the entire 2-CD set of “The 40 Greatest Hits of Hank Williams”. There is never enough time to listen to this in one sitting (or even in several sittings broken into smaller pieces). Hank Williams is completely under-appreciated. My MIL was going through my FIL’s CDs and this set is one I scored because she didn’t care to keep it. I can’t fathom that. “Hey, Good-Lookin’,”  “Move It On Over,” and “Your Cheatin’ Heart”…how are these not on everyone’s favorite playlists? 'Tis a mystery to me.
I would have missed getting the play-by-play via text for each of the soccer games I was missing, and a photo of lunch from Jungle Jim’s Grocery store (jealous!).
I would have missed the dog puking (again) this afternoon, under my desk chair while I was sitting in it (I was sitting in the chair, not the puke).
I would have missed the eager anticipation of my husband and 11yo coming home again. With all the chicks back in the nest (yes, the husband included), I’ll be able to sleep well again.

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