Friday, August 17, 2012

Ahh, Nuts!

No, you are not crazy. You are, in fact, seeing a theme in my writing. It is either about God, my children, my husband, or food…in no particular order. It’s whatever I feel so inclined to write about on a given day.

I have to say that while I would prefer to think that I have so much insight given to me from the Lord that I can’t help but to put it down on paper to share with the world…but honestly I feel like a big fat flop when I do it. He may have given me the gift of gab, but when it comes to writing about Him, I don’t feel that I can express it in words my brain can understand; mostly just my heart is the one who gets it. My writing doesn’t do Him the justice or give Him the glory he deserves. Maybe sometimes but probably not today.
That being said, today I’m writing about food again…which God provided. Thank you, Lord! So see…there you go. I CAN give Him the glory and still talk about food. Strike the previous paragraph altogether. What was I thinking?

It occurred to me today that some of you may not have ever tried this item. I felt it my duty as one with a proclivity for junk food, I mean HEALTHY food, to write this PSA.
These things right here are tasty, tasty.

If you have not had them, I suggest it. Highly. But only when they are on sale and you have a coupon, otherwise they are crazy expensive. (CVS sometimes has them as BOGO, and they’ll let you use a coupon too. Score! This is how I came into possession of said item. Two cans actually but one has already been consumed. Don’t judge.)
I think they are lying to me about the serving size, however. The can states that there are EIGHT servings inside.  Eight? Really? I think there are actually two, at best; probably just one if we’re being honest here.

However, I have measured it out for all to see…this is the actual serving size as the can suggests. (Notice I said suggests.)
  (I apologize...not the best photo but you understand the meaning)

One-fourth of a cup. That is a snack-sized baggie, my friends. A snack-sized one. Not even half full is it? (Note the optimist in me coming out? I have to say that I am usually a “baggie is half-full” kind of gal.) And yes, I did measure out the entire can into eight snack-sized baggies, mostly because a larger baggie would have been too depressing to bear. And if I didn’t measure it, I would sit down and eat half a can before I knew what had happened.  Not that I would ever do such a thing, what with my staunch self-control and all…

Fine..time for true confessions. I suggest you heed my advice and measure out yours as well, otherwise you may do what I did the FIRST time I bought these, throwing caution to the wind and eating some (ok, a lot) prior to reading the label. I had consumed about two days worth of calories in approximately 10 minutes. It was ok though, because I had already been planning that fast for the next day anyway…lettuce and water only. It was fine really…ask the kids! (No really… don’t ask them…they have been trying to put it out of their minds, so traumatized they were by "mean mommy" with the low blood sugar).
Needless to say, I have not done that again. But every once in a while I do catch a little grief from the 11yo for such dinky little servings; the 9yo doesn’t complain because he doesn’t like nuts. I’m not sure what’s wrong with him, but I should probably have him tested. Not for allergies; I already know that’s not a problem or concern. I simply don’t understand how someone who is NOT allergic to nuts would not want to eat them. There must be a recessive gene in there somewhere. But hey, that means more for me. Praise God! (See, I knew I could bring it around.)

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