Friday, November 14, 2014

We Are So Progressive

So I am certain you have all been eagerly anticipating my post for today...because, as I KNOW you all is my birthday.

Now don't get yourself all in a tizzy if you forgot.

I will happily accept gifts for days past the actual day.

But note: I prefer cash. Mostly 10's and 20's...K?

Well, if you DID remember that it was my birthday, then you've been waiting to see if the PBA and I made our "Annual Progressive Lunch" pilgrimmage.

I am happy to report that we did.

And Mr. Always Random joined us.

And Little Man did too (no visitations on Friday)...I can only imagine how fun it was for a baby on an NG tube who eats nothing by mouth to be schlepped from restaurant to restaurant, and watch people enjoy a variety of tasty foods.

But Little Man is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill baby. He is a go-with-the-flow kind of kiddo, and was just happy as a lark.

The whole time.


So, because it is getting late (yes, it is only about 8 but I am always ready for bed by this time so it FEELS late...that and the blasted Daylight Savings Time...but I shall save that soapbox for another day), I shall not tarry and will cut to the chase.

I will begin by saying that we took bottles of water...because we don't typically pay for squat on Birthday Progressive Lunch Day. (We did pay $1 this time, but I shall get to that shortly. Try not to be too terribly disappointed in me.)

And there were no drinks offered on the freebie list we had going.

Except for Dunkin' Donuts...and I wasn't feeling like washing down all my sweet and savory treats with some though it was.

I'll save that little treat for another day.

Like when the PBA are at art lessons and I don't have to share with nobody.

Don't judge. I did my sharing today, pretty please and thank you (BTW that's all for you, DK).

We began our rounds with Steak N was a free double cheeseburger and an order of fries. We each got a fourth of the sandwich, which amounts to amout 2-3 bites each.

And a few fries.

But it was all quite lovely.  And free.

And yes, we ate in the car. While the PBA and I don't mind going into restaurants and just getting the freebie, Mr. AR was a little more reticent about we indulged him.

Next stop: Firehouse Subs and a free 8-inch sub of your (ok, MY) choice. I selected the beef brisket and cheddar.

We each enjoyed approximately 2 inches of sub (2-3 bites...more if you took small bites and savored, which I did not) and it was fabulous.

NOTE: I did give them a donation in the box on the counter, lest you think I totally stiffed the fireman. I did not.

Yes, we also ate this in the car...and it was a little messy but we were in Mr. AR's car so it was ok.

Third stop: Jack in the Box. We had not done this one before, so it was an addition to the rotation. And just so I am completely forthright with you: I did pay $1 at this one.

My coupon was for "2 free tacos with purchase." So I did pony-up the cash and bought two other tacos (lest you be unaware, tacos are 2 for $1 at the Jack in the Box; I don't judge your ignorance on that, b/c I didn't know until today either). So we each had our own taco. And though they didn't taste like I thought a taco would/should, we all thought they were pretty tasty.

Well to be hoenst, 3 of the 4 of us liked them...the 11yo was not a fan. Still, 75% favorable rating is pretty good, I think. I'd be happy if I had that rating at my house.

I apologize for not being total full-service on this b/c I did not capture pictures of the tacos themselves. Too messy. And (again) we were eating in the car.

I drew the line at the next stop and insisted that we go inside. There was no way we were going to share bowls of pasta from Noodles and Company in the car...even if it was Mr. AR's car.

And Little Man needed to get out of his seat. Not that he was complaining, mind you...because he's go-with-the-flow (remember?).

This worked out well because Mr. AR doesn't sign up for all the birthday freebies like I do, but he did get the Noodles and Company one. And he decided to share with us today.

So short story boring, we had two bowls to share.

Which is good b/c the PBA are getting bigger and it takes way more food to fill them up.  We had the Pad Thai Noodles with Shrimp, and the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese with Meatballs.


I promise you that the bowls were the same is simply due to my stellar photography skills that I made one seem about 1/3 smaller. That takes real talent.

And finally, we went to McAllister's Deli. I had a birthday coupon for $5 off any purchase.

And because we'd been so loaded on savory foods, it was definitely time to bring in something sweet. And it just so happened that their ginormous cookies were (are) $1.25 each. And being the math genius I am, I quickly realized that 4 cookies would be $5.

So I walked out of there with a cookie for everyone...except Little Man. But he was asleep by then so he didn't even care...or know...what he was missing.

Again...we ate them in the car: one was sugar and the other three were toffee crunch. Perfectly under-baked in the middles. Love.

So that's all for our lunch today...but I will keep celebrating for the rest of the month: I still have a Smokey Bones Free Dessert, Applebee's Free Dessert, BOGO at Qdoba, a Free Drink at Dunkin' Donuts, a Free Drink at Starbucks, and two Free Sundaes at Culver's.

And because I lack all creativity at this point...that's it, this is the end. I'm out. And also because I'm off to eat my Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake from The Flying Cupcake, which was, most assuredly, NOT free.