Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Mutiny: Month 2 Day 6: Finally Telling You What I Am Wearing

So...this will most likely be uber-short as I have no time.

You know why...the standard excuse from the past 3 weeks: The Little Man.

But, seeing as how (yes I am certain that is grammatically correct...still on no other excuse of the past 3 weeks) you, my adoring fans,

a) have most-assuredly been missing me,
b) have been wondering how this second month of "fasting" has been going, and
c) are dying to know what I chose for my 7 articles of clothing.

So...I will tell you but I must back the train up for a minute; I must explain that Jen Hatmaker included in her "7" her shoes...two pairs of shoes = 1 item.

Our Hope Group opted not to do that; we only "allowed" two pairs of shoes, but they did not count as one of the 7 clothing items.

And we also said that "workout clothes" and pajamas also did not count.

Or socks and skivvies...because that would be 3 items right there; and while this whole "7" business is a bit cray-cray in and of itself, we don't need to be over the top about things.

And while we are on the subject of workout clothes (ok, not really but I don't have time to attempt a smooth transition), I am so thankful for them. The Little Man tends to be most "urpy" first thing in the morning. And being as how (also grammatically correct...don't question me) we are now going to the gym in the morning (because there is nursery/childcare in the mornings AND it only costs $2/hour...wahoo!), I begin my day in my workout clothes.

And I can change them as often as need be (at least once a day, but it has been more...) without dipping in to my 7 allotted articles.

I may be stretching things...don't judge.

As an aside I must really love you people because I am holding a fussy baby and using my right hand to hunt and peck this out. Frankly it is not unlike my method of texting so I am quite familiar with the process.

Don't judge.

Anyway because time is of the essence, and my unsupported left arm is beginning to tremble, here's my 7 clothing items:

Pardon any dirt you may or may not see on the carpet...tomorrow is Home Ec Friday at the PBA and it will be rectified then.

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 dress
  • 1 3/4 length sleeve sweater
  • 2 short-sleeve shirts
  • 1 long-sleeve shirt

 My two pairs of shoes...we are hovering on fall but I think I can get by with sandals as one of my two least I hope I can!

This was my original the eleventh hour I switched my long-sleeve shirt from white to black, and changed the dress to one I can wear by itself...just in case you were wondering if I made any last-minute modifications. This is funny b/c I made my clothing decision the night before we began...and did not put nearly the thought into it as I did the food.

Clearly food is more important to me than clothing.

Don't judge.

And I know that this month is prepping me to give-away during the "possessions" clearly more fun is to be had!

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  1. See, now this phase I could do - seeing as how I wear about the same six things over and over all the time. Is that just me? This I could handle. The food one? Not so much.