Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Whole Lot of Nothing...and "Whole Lot" May Be Generous

So...I've been slacking on my blogging lately. You may not care so much as you may simply notice, but believe me: I care!

I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head. And they seem funny. Honestly...I mean, come on! You've read my blog. You know I'm funny.

Ok, so you don't have to admit it at the moment, or even in public for anyone to see...but we both know it's true.

But lately: Not.Funny.

Just not. I'm still thinking in sound-bites and even those may be somewhat lacking.


Literally that was all the material I had. I just wanted so desperately to write something and was hoping and praying and crossing my fingers for a brain-storm that I began writing in faith.

And really I still had nothing.


But since the PBA are always good for a laugh, I shall, instead, tell you a short little anecdote (which is totally different from an antidote, btw...only one of them is helpful when bitten by a poisonous snake and I'll give you a clue: this blog is not helpful in such an event) from our dinner time this evening.

First I must explain that Little Man always seems to get fussy when it is time for us to eat dinner. Frankly I think he's just jealous b/c his food is pumped right past his developing taste buds and directly into his stomach.

I could be wrong, but it is a theory I'm working on.

And I know I'd be mad if my food bypassed my mouth.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, so he could be in the room with us (As an aside, we find that he doesn't like to be alone. Ever. Except at night when he sleeps like a Rock Star in his own room. Go figure. I'm not complaining...just mentioning to give you a full picture) while we eat, and not have someone hold him, we introduced the high chair.

It is a lovely little number I bought from a friend before she moved away and left me here.

I'm not bitter.

Ok maybe a bit.

But my bitterness is not the point.

So we got out the high chair. It has a nice big tray. And a strap (you keep the baby tethered down).

And Mr. AR put Little Man in the seat and slid the tray in place.

He looked like a head on a platter (have I mentioned that he's on the smallish side? But growing growing growing...just shy of making it on the growht chart this week, in case you'd missed that news). Clearly not quite big enough to be sitting in a high chair and eating...but for our purposes, it was just perfect.

But my 13yo was concerned that he would slide out. "Dad, did you fasten the strap?"

And before my husband could answer, I said, "He's not going anywhere...doesn't he have a thing between his legs?"

Without missing a beat, my 11yo said, "Well I should HOPE he has a thing between his legs!"

And I must confess that I laughed. Out loud. And hard.

So yeah...that's where we are for humor at this point. Amazing what's funny when you only get a couple 2.5 hour naps each night.

Thanks for sticking with me through this dry spell...hopefully "the funny" will return to me soon!

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  1. I feel your pain. I hate it when I'm not funny.
    I am not surprised you laughed. :)

  2. The kid's quick with a one-liner.

    I hate dry spells. Hoping yours ends soon!