Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Mutiny: Month 1 Day 2

So...I know I said I wouldn't ONLY blog about this experiment, but there are a couple things I should address before we go further down the path. Not surprisingly, I have received some questions about our experiment. 

  • Why is it an experiment? (OK, no one has really asked me that, but I felt as though I should address it because it is possible/probable that someone is thinking it.)

Webster’s (oh yeah, I went straight to the definition authority) defines it as: a scientific test in which you perform a series of actions and carefully observe their effects in order to learn about something.

So yeah…this is definitely an experiment. It’s might not be “scientific” in the truest sense of the word, but I think there are enough similarities to the word “experiment” to continue calling it such.

Because sure, we could easily go through this process and not pay attention, not monitor, gauge or really learn anything. But that is ridiculous, wouldn’t you say, to go through all this and not pay attention to what you’re doing? Especially this first month.

  • Are the PBA participating? 

No they are not…at least not to the degree that Mr. AR and I are. They will be able to choose their own breakfasts and lunches, but will, for the most part, eat what we have for dinner.

The 11yo has been sympathetic so far; the 13yo not so much. Case in point: today he was talking about his craving for Spring Rolls when we were on the way home from church. I could have slugged him.

His point was: it has chicken (which they actually don’t) and veggies…you can have all that.

Um no, son, I can’t: I did not choose “veggies”…I chose “spinach”. I also did not choose wonton wrappers, or spices. There is no spinach in spring rolls, nor is there chicken. So yeah, they are pretty much out for me.

  • Why are you doing this? It sounds like the most ridiculous thing!

I think I covered the answer yesterday, but I know it’s not something which everyone can get behind. Or understand. But most of all: feel called/encouraged/convicted to do.

I know it’s not for everyone and let me be the first to tell you (or possibly not the first…) maybe someone else has already said it: that is OK and you don’t have to do it. Just because we are on this “crazy train” (it’s not really THAT crazy but it may appear that way…and we feel a little crazy at the moment), you needn’t assume that you have to follow suit.

Unless you feel like you should…in that case you really should. Because better for you to just go ahead and do what God wants the first time he asks than either a) be hit over the head (and sometimes not so gently) to get your attention, or b) miss out on a big ole blessing because you were stubborn/prideful/disobedient/some combination thereof.

And now that we have covered my philosophical diatribe, I have a confession: I am hungry.

And I am hungry not because I don’t have plenty of food to eat. There is a more-than-ample supply of my seven foods in the house. But I am already sick of them.

And why am I sick of them? Because I clearly have been spoiled with my food choices. And just like a petulant child, I don’t want what is offered to me (the “what is being offered to me” being the seven foods I chose just a couple days ago).

So yeah…it’s like that. It’s real and it’s ugly and frankly I don’t much care for identifying this quality about myself.

But more importantly than recognizing the quality, is the realization that it’s not about just giving myself a guilt trip (trust me…I do that enough to myself). It is about discerning what I should be doing with this information once I have realized it about myself.

The experiment continues.

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