Saturday, August 23, 2014

Foodie Friday on Saturday: How We Have Done "7"

Well, since I know you were all curious as to whether or not I could eek out a second Foodie Friday while on this “fast”, I shall give you one.

But on Saturday.

And not including a recipe.

BTW it’s only one week left…can you believe it?!? It feels like it’s only been 3 weeks and wow, now it is almost over.

Actually, on some days, it feels as though it has been years since I ate some of the delightful food I see around me, and that it will be an eternity until it’s over.

I'm clearly still a work in progress so don't judge.

Also, I caution you to be careful of judgement about its difficulty and the range of emotions you feel until you give this a truly is more difficult than a) it looks and b) it should be.

But I digress…

Since I have no recipe to share, I shall give you my list of ingredients and share with you all the various ways we have found to combine them to give us some variety…because I know you’ve been wondering.

Just as a recap, our foods are:
  • Yogurt
  • Quinoa
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Berries
  • Black beans
  • Whole wheat bread (which is an added 8th food, which I haven’t eaten every day, but sometimes…don’t judge)
  • Water
  • Coffee (typically I only drink 1 cup in the morning, but a couple times I have indulged in a mid-afternoon cup too; and once I added some sugar b/c iced black coffee is beyond disgusting. Who knew?)
  • AND we could use as much salt and pepper as we wanted (this means I have used more salt and pepper in the past three weeks than I believe I have used in all the rest of my life combined), as well as sparingly-use olive oil.

    So…how have we managed to survive on this? Well, first of all because it is plenty (in fact, still MORE than plenty) of food.

    Originally, I wasn’t sure how handy that would be, but trust me: it is. If I have been hungry during these past weeks, it's because I opted not to eat what was available to me...not because the food was in short-supply.

    But since our American mind-set needs variety so this is how we have accomplished it:

    • Berries by their own lovely selves, separated according to type, or mixed up together
    • Yogurt with berries (notice we used “berries” the generic term so we could mix it up a bit…excepting no “Crunch Berries” which Mr. AR is still trying to sneak in)
    • Spinach salad with berries (also provides variety with the different types of berries…I know that sounds crazy, but different berries do make it different!)
    • Spinach salad with roast chicken and boiled eggs
    • Chicken and black bean soup (utilizing stock I made from the chicken carcass of the whole chicken I made in the crock-pot…still chicken and water…nothing added!)
    • Chicken sandwich (with or without spinach)
    • Roast chicken
    • Chicken and quinoa
    • Chicken, quinoa and black beans
    • Sauted spinach with quinoa and chicken
    • Black bean burgers (recipe here)
    • Boiled eggs (with or without toast)
    • Scrambled eggs (with or without toast)
    • Scrambled eggs with spinach (with or without toast)
    • Scrambled eggs with spinach and quinoa (with or without toast)
    • Toad in a Hole (which is sunny-side-up eggs in the middle of toast brushed with olive oil)
    • Frozen yogurt (also a “cheat” but once I began having a small bowl of it before bed, my restless legs calmed down and I could sleep…my conscious is ok with it. Don’t judge.)
    • Sunday Addendum: fruit smoothie (yogurt, fruit, ice...why did this not occur to me before now?!?)

    See…it’s not so bad.

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    1. Really impressed with your efforts on this. And I love what you said about it may seem like very little, but really is plenty. How easy it is to fall into the habit of thinking we have nothing when we really have more than some people see in a week...or a month...or ever. All about perspective. Congrats to you!