Thursday, May 15, 2014

Smack In The Face Reminder

Lest I forget to wish you well by the time I finish this post: Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

This is what I heard on the "news" this morning. OK, it was Good Morning America, which used to bring actual news to the general public but now it does not.

It's all entertainment new, all of which I can live without.

After just a couple minutes of having it on, I remembered that.

And I remembered why I am thankful that I never have time to watch TV in the morning...because, frankly, it is mostly all junk.

But I did have a fantastic take-away from the smidge I heard: National Chocolate Chip Day! 

Not to be confused with National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day...which is undoubtedly another somewhat nebulous "holiday".

But when one combines my affinity for a theme with my addiction to sugar, it makes for a fantastic combination.

In theory.

So to backtrack a bit, today was the first day of the PBA summer vacation.

It was a high temp of about 52 degrees, mostly cloudy and breezey.

Perfect summer vacation weather for Indiana, right?

Well, to help alleviate those summer vacation doldrums, I decided (obviously, who wouldn't) that we needed to make some chocolate chip cookies to help pass the time.

Also because it was too cold to be outside and none of out friends are finished with school yet.

And to celebrate the holiday in a way in which it deserves to be celebrated.

Plus, it allowed us with some home ec instruction as well as some math...I made them double the recipe.

(See...with all those reason TO make cookies, how could I let the opportunity pass me by?)

To be fair, the original recipe only made 3 dozen. That was laughable. By the time it made it to the cookie sheet for baking, we would have had a dozen cookies tops.

Don't judge. We were each using two spoons...hence the six spoons.

So we doubled it. Math and Home Ec....I think I'm counting today as another school day.

However, as soon as we started...actually, to be fair, we had not even yet begun, when the arguing began.

Just to clarify, it was between the two members of the PBA...not me.

But I was smacked in the face with my second reminder of the day: why I don't bake with both boys simultaneously. Because is kind of the worst.

And yet, in my quest to make them self-sufficient, well-educated and well-rounded young men whom any young lady would have happy to wed...I continued on with my task.

I shall spare you the gory details (I try to keep this blog family-friendly). But as evidenced by the photos below, we muddled through and ended up with cookies.

Tasty ones too, although slightly over-baked for my liking. They were great when the chocolate was all melty, but I think they will be too crispy once cooled.

So's pretty much a First World problem, but I shall continue, because that's how I roll.

They'll be ok broken up over some ice cream.

Ice cream covers a multitude of sins...I think that's in Proverbs, but don't quote me on that.

See what I mean? A little overly brown. And they aren't spaced out so great...true, none of them are touching (on this pan at least...this was the best-looking pan; I had to represent well) but we kind of need to work on our technique for scooping out the dough and dropping it on the sheet. Not so much "spread it around" on the sheet.

For the record, I did let them eat the last little bit of dough...gasp! "What about the raw eggs?!?" We like to live dangerously here at the PBA...

I love that this picture makes it look like he's sneaking a bite from the big bowl...he was actually scraping the dregs from it. It was while watching him that it occured to me to tell him about the "as yet unpublished rule of bowl scraping" which is as follows: "Whoever licks the bowl has to wash the bowl."

I thought it was pretty clever myself. He did not...however he did wash it. After, of course, he asked why we couldn't put it in the dishwasher. 

There were 3 reasons why we could not:
A) It will melt 
B) It won't fit 
C) I told him to wash it.

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  1. my favorite... oy and I'm on a diet of the epic kind...oh who am I kidding I would have scraped the the bowl, washed it, dried and put it away too!!! Happy Chocolate Chip Day!!