Monday, May 5, 2014

Please Explain "Under Warranty"...

Today my car went in for service. It needed an oil change so the timing on this worked out well.

Oh, and they had a "special" on oil changes so that was good too. Who doesn't love a "special"?

But that's not what I'm here to talk to you about.

The main reason for the trip to the dealership was because one of our foster daughters broke the car door handle.

She wasn't mad or throwing a fit or anything. She just broke it. We were driving down the road (actually to the Aldi at which she threw her screaming fit) and because the car was in "drive", the doors were all automatically locked.

And she (apparently) pulled on the handle until it just snapped.

Strong like an ox is that child. She is 3.

Mr. AR called the dealership at which time they quoted him a price of about $85. Not what we wanted to pay but we do kind of like all the doors being able to open from both the inside and outside (apparently we're snobs like that) and since we will be receiving a stipend for taking care of the girls, we wouldn't necessarily be out much money.

So we decided to get it fixed; we are crazy like that.

But today when we dropped off the car, we were informed that the handle would be covered under warranty.

I'm sorry...what? A child INTENTIONALLY snapped the handle like a twig. And there's no charge to us to have it fixed?

I'm not arguing and believe me when I say that I am all-kinds-of-thankful.

But also all-kinds-of-surprised.

On the flip side...we also had an on-going issue which we finally decided to/were forced into addressing; we needed the weather strip on the two rear doors replaced. It has never stayed in place for as long as we've had the car. It began with an occasional "pushing of a little bit back onto the track" to now "the whole trim falls off almost every time the door opens and it takes a good 5 minutes to get it back into place."

That's always a marketable attribute for a car, right? Who doesn't love some high maintenance additions?

It appears that the trim was cut just a smidgen too short when installed, hence the on-going issues.

This condition, however, about which we had NO control or might NOT be under warranty.

I'm sorry...what?

All this to say...apparently I don't understand the parameters necessary for "under warranty".

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