Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Matter Which Should Be More Delicate

Today our family had to split up.

Do not panic. It's not anything permanent...just for the afternoon actually.

The 12yo had a soccer tournament (both today and tomorrow, actually) and the 11yo had a lacrosse game (also today and tomorrow, only not a tournament).

Most of the lacrosse games have been on week-nights when it is easier (in terms of juggling the schedule) to send the 11yo with the coach to the away games and have Mr. Always Random meet him there to watch the game and bring him home.

I, in turn, make sure the 12yo makes it to soccer practice and home. And is fed too. He kind of likes to eat.

So...all that to say, I have missed more than I would care to of the lacrosse games. But it is ok. It is my choice. I am truly not complaining.

Well, maybe I am just a little because here's the thing: on Thursday, there was a lacrosse game which I, of course, missed.

And my boy scored a goal. This is a big deal because he just doesn't score many goals.

So today, I was determined to be at his lacrosse game. Which meant I missed the afternoon soccer game of my 12yo.

So of course, the 11yo did not score a goal (you the game I attended), but the 12yo (who also doesn't score goals b/c he mostly plays defense)...he scored a goal.

I am getting the message, boys: I shall stay away from your games. (Ok, not likely but I do hear what you are saying: "I will only score points when my mama isn't there. Happy Mother's Day early, Mom!")

But that's not why I sat down to write this post. I sat down to tell you about a conversation (albeit a somewhat brief one) between myself and the 11yo when we arrived at the lacrosse fields.

I must back up a second to say that this whole "cup business" is still somewhat new to me. Yes, yes, I understand the purpose and I understand that there's a strap and that it's not just skivvies holding it up (although apparently skivvies can serve that's all very fuzzy to me) and all that, but to me, it seems like a bit of a delicate (as delicate as a guy can be) matter and not to be trod upon lightly.

I had asked the child several times, in fact, before leaving the house as well as on the way to the game, "Do you have your cup? And your strap?"

Yes was always the answer.

So, we arrived at the field. and I said,  "Do you have your cup? And your strap?"

11yo: (insert eyeroll) Yeeeees...

Me: Everything in place? (insert raised eyebrows questioningly)

11yo: It's in my bag.

Me: The strap too?!?

11yo: No, I have that on. The cup's in my bag. (grabbing his bag to head to warm-up)

Me: Don't you want to take care of the cup situation (yes, I called it a "situation"...because shouldn't it be?) before you get over know, in the privacy of the car at least?

11yo: No we just all put them in when we're on the edge of the field right before the game starts.

Note to self: clearly this is not a delicate enough matter...

My boy's the one with the ball...proud mama

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  1. Hahaha! I will never understand boys. Which is a problem, given my situation. ;)

  2. I'm with you I think everything is hush hush or a bit private...but not really, i think its because their boys...well I think. :)