Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Post So Ridiculous That I Could Not Even Come Up With A Clever Name

So...this is probably going to be a longer post than it really needs to be. But since I like to include detail and context, feel free to settle in.

OK, it's not THAT long...but still...for what amounts to little more than a picture, this is too lengthy.

But enough for the introductory apologies.

I had another writing assignment with the same magazine. I have had a few actually...not trying to brag. Just stating facts.

Anyway, the photographer of the most recent article (which was and actually still is about Christian Youth Theater aka CYT on Indy's Southside) is also the southside contact for CYT. 

And she asked for a few copies of the magazine when it was published.

And now it is published...but I don't ever see her.  

And since I am cheap I REALLY did not want to mail them to her. (So sorry USPS...I know you're in financial trouble...probably because of people like me...but mama does not have money for things like postage.)

But I digress. Kind of.

Lucky for me, I do have a sweet friend who DOES see her. And will see her next week.

So I asked the sweet friend if she would be ever-so-kind to take said copies of the magazine to the photographer.

Not surprisingly, she agreed.

Have I mentioned that she's sweet?

Anyway, because I am a tad on the OCD side of things, I wanted to make sure the magazines stayed together and were properly labeled, should they somehow be misplaced. 

NOT that this would EVER happen while in the care of my sweet friend. Perish the thought!

So, I put the magazines in an envelope.  

And not just any envelope.

It was a recycled envelope. Lest you be confused, please let me explain. Just in case you thought differently, I don't make it a habit to buy large envelopes. Anything that comes in the mail to us and is in a large envelope...I keep it. 

The envelope, that is.

I often will pitch the item which arrived in the envelope because it is of little to no importance to me.

For instance, the postage paid on the envelope shown in the photo's from The Nature Conservancy...which I am certain is a lovely organization and does good things. 

But I don't support them nor can I possibly recall why I would have received something from them in the mail.

It is possible (ok probable) that I have had this envelope in my posession for years. Some (Mr. AR for one) may call that hoarding; I call it practical. You never know when you might need something which others would casually toss away as trash.

And look...those people would to have had to fork out money for an envelope.

So, short story long...I put the magazines in an envelope which was not too big, not too was just right.

Goldilocks would be so proud. 

It was not until I had sealed it up and turned it over to write the photographer's name on the front that I discovered this:

Could that BE any more perfect? (and please be sure to read that with a Chandler Bing voice...)


  1. what can I say ... that envelope met it true purpose!!!! LOL! Perfect fit!

  2. That's fantastic. You can't do stuff like that on purpose.

  3. Before I even read your Chandler Bing reference, I DID read it in Chandler Bing's voice! !!

    You should put a thought bubble by the eyes: "Here's lookin' atchoo kid!"