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Ten Teeth of Thankful...With Revisions and Addendums

Please note: I originally posted this Tuesday but I am reposting (and revising) it for my "Ten Things of Thankful" post for Saturday...lest you be confused. I TRIED to include my revisions in know, to match the blood still on the teeth. 

And no, that's not a joke...I love a theme!

But I may have missed a few, so no need to go back and do a side-by-side comparison.

All that to say...if you read it on Tuesday, it is similar. But I am CERTAIN you'll find it worth a re-read.

So…I’m certain you knew about my 10yo having oral surgery. And the deed has finally been done. He had the surgery on Tuesday and all went well. We returned to the doctor on Friday for a follow-up, just to ensure that everything is kosher, but so far, so good.

But just in case you missed it, here’s the initial post of the whole to-do.

And here's the x-ray in case you just wanted to see it again:

X-Ray from November
Now that you are caught up, I shall fill all of you in on the delightful surgery to which we had to look forward to experiencing:

Ten Teeth were removed from his head on Tuesday.


Six of them were casualties, if you will…baby teeth on the top which were pretty-much just hanging there (one had more root left than the others but mostly they were ready) and we decided to take them out while we could. He's never been a "Oh that tooth is slightly loose so let me wiggle, wiggle, wiggle it until it comes out"; he's more of "Yeah it'll come out when it is ready" kind of loose tooth kid. Which meant they could potentally be in there for weeks if not months.

And there is WAY too much work to be done in this tiny mouth to be waiting around for those teeth to fall out.

Patience isn't really my thing...have I mentioned that?

But, I am also cheap (you've possibly discerned that before about me?). And to have those upper teeth removed wasn't going to be cheap.

My frugality was over-riding my patience.

So...this brings me to my first item of thankful: the orthodontist wanted those out but we were ok with them staying in and coming out in their own sweet time...much as it pained me.

But we knew the oral surgeon (I actually babysat him and his sister a few times…yikes! How old AM I? and he attended our wedding, with his dad who was our dentist.) and he was SO gracious and took out those teeth FOR FREE. Oh yes…big money savings right there.

More thankfulness than I can even explain.

So that’s the story with the six teeth on the top.

The four baby teeth on the bottom which came out were ankylosed…which meant that not only did the roots not dissolve but they fused to the jawbone. Fun, right?

You can see from the pictures included that they have roots still...and a couple of them have quite a bit. And you can see where the bone was cut.

Words fail me.

Oh, and one last bit…don't forget about those two permanent teeth which were coming in at an angle…remember those? Well, they were exposed by cutting back the gum tissue. Then they were attached to a chain (at least that’s how I understood it…I can’t quite see very far in that tiny little mouth, especially since he can’t open it very far!) and next week those chains will be attached to the braces which were already put in place a couple weeks ago.

And because you were wondering…why yes, the back teeth on which the braces are attached…those back teeth are also ankylosed baby teeth. But there wasn’t any choice on what teeth to choose, so those teeth will come out (in another surgery) in about a year, or whenever those teeth straighten up and the permanent teeth have come in next to them and the braces can be attached to those instead.

All that to say…I am thankful that the next surgery won’t be nearly as extreme as this one…only two teeth. Which is good because he only has two baby teeth left.

But they will probably be about the size of the largest ones shown here:

I know you wanted a photo to show these roots at close range...I am a full-service blogger. You're welcome.
As an aside, he's already reminded the 12yo (several times in 24 hours, in fact) that he has fewer baby teeth than him; I believe the 12yo still has 4 or 5 baby teeth. As one might expect, such reminders are well-received by the 12yo. (Insert his eyerolls here.)

(He has since actually stopped the reminders...perhaps it was the threat of a punch to the face which caused the sudden and obvious cessation of said comment...)

We shall deal with the wisdom teeth if/when they decide to make an appearance. They’re not showing signs of themselves yet and possibly won’t. I didn’t know this (and you may not have known it either…if you did, bully for you) the doctor said it’s around age 12 at the earliest when wisdom teeth begin to develop.

So there’s THAT to wonder about/worry about/look forward to. Not that I am a worrier at all...why would I even say that?...

One other thing about the surgery...because of it, my 10yo couldn't play in his team's basketball tournament game on Tuesday night. To be honest, I had my doubts all along, but Mr. Always Random wanted me to ask the doctor.

Mr. AR was the coach of the team, so he was really hoping to have a full roster for this next game in the tournament. I don't blame him but still...a ten-tooth extraction is kind of a big deal.

Unfortunately, the doctor's answer was a big, fat "No." I mean, he was nice about it, but it was a firm answer. 

But we held out that maybe by Saturday he'd be ok to play in the championship game. And that would also be if the team held on to the make it to the championship game.

They did not. 

And I'm sure you're wondering where the thankful part comes comes in that even after going to the surgeon for the check-up on Friday and we got a good report, he was instructed to continue to "lay off" physical activity until Monday, just to give the stitches a few more days. And especially those teeth in the front, which are still (understandibly) just a touch on the tender side.

So...I'm sure you figured it out, but that means he would not have even been able to play in the championship game. So I'm thankful that we didn't have to deal with that disappointment.

Yes, yes life is full of disappointments and all that, but I felt like the surgery was enough on the "trauma" end of the spectrum (although he did surprisingly well!), we didn't need to miss out on a championship game too.

Now…what you have ALL been waiting for…the entertaining parts of the day…and I am thankful for all of them:

When he came out of surgery, he (I was told) was humming “Frere Jacques”…which is the song my mom and I would sing to him when he was a baby. Even now, he wants me to sing it (again…he’s clearly tone deaf because I cannot sing on key to save my soul…and I’m so thankful my salvation does not require that) when he’s upset or scared.

But yesterday, the sweet boy hummed it to himself. That part isn’t entertaining so much as it was sweet.

When he came out of surgery he told the nurses they he had to go to the bathroom, so they came to get me to help him. (Good call on their part.)  

He felt pretty shaky; “I feel really weird” was actually what he kept saying, so the nurse brought a wheelchair for him. She got him into the bathroom and allowed me to “take over”.

I helped him stand up thinking he would take one tiny side-step over and then pee…with his back to me. No embarrassment needed for anyone.

But no…he turned around and sat down on the toilet. With his pants still pulled up.

Me: Dude, you are sitting down. Do you have to pee or poop?

10yo: Pee!

Me: But you’re sitting down?

10yo: Yes…(like I’m the dumb one)

I’m pretty sure he would have rolled his eyes if it would have been possible.

He kept asking me “What are you laughing at?” But the gauze stuffed in his mouth make it almost unintelligible, which only made me laugh more.

And then he started laughing but didn’t know why…which also made me laugh.

Which made him ask why I was laughing. with anesthesia.

After the nurse finished giving me instructions on "wound care" and we were waiting to see the doctor, the nurse asked the 10yo if he wanted to see his teeth.

His reply with swagger: “Yeah I want to see my teeth!” (Translation: Yeah lady…you think I’m a freak? No way…I’m a cool dude who wants to see those teeth…hand them over!)

After taking a quick glance at the bag of teeth, he turned his head, clutched his stomach and said, “Oh no, no, no! I DON’T want to see my teeth!”

And then he burped. A sign of things to come.

Once we left the doctor’s office, he continually asked, “Where are we going?”

Me: We’re going to get your medicine and then to get a shake for you. You can’t take your medicine without eating a shake first.

Turn the car; stop the car; make any sort of movement.

10yo: Where are we going?

Me: We’re going to get your medicine and then to get a shake for you. You can’t take your medicine without eating a shake first.

(Repeat conversation as needed or approximately 300 more times)

We went to CVS first to drop off the script. They were going to be a little while so we went across the street to Burger King for a shake. Why Burger King, you may be asking…because it was close.

And even though Steak N' Shake was right next door, my boy isn’t a big fan of Steak N' Shake shakes.


I asked him what flavor he wanted, and he said chocolate, which was actually no surprise.

But I figured I had better ask, just in case he all of a sudden wanted strawberry or something ridiculous like that.

Yeah, strawberry shakes ARE ridiculous. I said it.

In the meantime, the kiddo dropped back off the sleep.

So I placed the order and pulled up to the window to pay.  As I was handing my money to the cashier, I realize that he was looking past me and he shouted (yes, actually shouted), “Oh my GAWD! What happened?!?”

I turned to see my child had momentarily awakened; the stocking cap he never leaves home without had migrated to the floor of the car, leaving him with some CRAZY bed-head-type hair; there was a large bandage across his chin and traveling up his cheeks in an effort to keep him from opening his mouth too far and busting the stitches; and a fairly large piece of bloody gauze was hanging out of his mouth.

So clearly I could understand the need for the guy’s question, but since my child had not seen himself, he had no idea why this guy was asking.

Me (to the guy…with my eyes WIDE, so as the say “SHUT UP, IDIOT!”): Ummm he had some teeth pulled this morning. Like 10 of them…so, yeah.

Guy: “Oh my GAWD! “Oh my GAWD!”

Apparently he did not speak “mom eyes”.

I gave him my money and the next thing I knew, he sent another employee over to the window to gawk at my child and hand me the shake.

Really? This is Greenwood…but it can’t possibly be the first time you’ve seen this come through the drive-through.

In hindsight, I wish I had had the wherewithal to mess with the guy...turning to my son sand say "OH! What DID happen?"

That would have been funny. To me. My 10yo may or may not have even remembered it.

No I'll be ready when we go back to get those last two teeth removed. And yes, we WILL be returning to the Burger King.

Moving on, we drove BACK across the street to pick up the scripts.

10yo: Where are we going?

Me: We’re going to get your medicine.

When picking up the prescription at CVS, I, of course, went through the drive-through. No way was I taking my “happy little drunk” into the store and marching him all the way to the back to pick up the scripts.

Nor was I going to leave him alone in the car.

In hindsight, both of those decisions were sage in every way.

So, we pulled into the drive-through line and THANKFULLY someone had (previously) suggested I take an “urp bucket” in the car…and that I had heeded the advice.  Because the child belched probably the loudest burp I have ever heard come out of his tiny body and he said, “Ought oh!”

I scrambled for the bucket and shoved it under his chin; at the same time I glanced out the passenger side window in time to catch the eye of a guy sitting in his car in the lane next to us.

I can’t be sure, but I think I saw him heave a little bit when he saw my son start to “spew”.

It reminds of the quote from Wayne’s World “If you’re gonna spew, spew into this…” Fortunately I had more than a Dixie cup.

Just an aside: blood and bile do not make for appetizing vomit. I mean, what does, really…it was probably good that there wasn’t anything chunky in it.

Of course I started laughing at the absurdity of the situation, and I hear “Why are you laughing? What are you laughing at?”

And then in a moment of clear lucidity, he held out the bucket and asked, “Where are we going to dump this out?”

Me: Well, we’re going home so we’ll dump it out at home. Just put it down there in front of you on the floor…in case you need it again.

He handed it to me and I put it on the floor in front of him.

On the drive home from CVS, he, understandably, kept dropping off to sleep…only to reawaken a few seconds later.

Finally he told me “I’m not really tired, I just need to go to sleep.”

In case you were wondering, yes, I did receive permission for this photo to be included.
But he BEGGED me to show off the teeth (once his stomach settled and he could actually look at them.)

Days 1-5: check!

Conversation the next day:
10yo: Mom, when we were at Burger King, did you get a cheeseburger for yourself?

I was surprised that he even remembered, but no, I didn't lie.

Me: Um...yes, I did, actually...
10yo: Well, why didn't you get one for me?
Me: Could you have eaten it?
10yo: No, but it was kind of rude of you to eat it in front of me...I love cheeseburgers.
Me: Did you actually even see me eat it?
10yo: No.
Me: Why do you think I bought it?
10yo: Because you were hungry.
Me: Yes, and did you want me taking care of you when I was hungry?
10yo: Ummm, no...

I have a confession. I am not the nicest person on the planet when my blood sugar gets low. On occasion, my children offer to bring me food. When I told him I was hungry, he knew it was best that I ate that burger and he should not say another word about it. No one wants Nurse Ratched when they can avoid her...

Hop on over to visit Lizzi and see what everyone else is thankful for this week!


  1. LOL! Glad that his surgery went well, though he must be a little tired. Thanks for sharing,.

  2. thanks for sharing that story dental work is never fun, I had to have implants put in and that was a long process to go through. sounds like he made it through the whole ordeal just fine

    1. He really did well and I felt like I had ten things of thankful and then some to share! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Ooh, poor baby. Hope his sore little mouth feels better soon. Sounds like he's a real trooper.

    1. He really is a quick recovery...thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I almost felt bad laughing out loud at the vomit story...almost.... poor kid... tell him from me...those were some seriously impressive teeth! Glad all went well! Except the BK doofus!

    1. Yeah don't feel badly about it. I know I was laughing so you go right ahead and feel free. No guilt.

      Yes, went better than I had anticipated, for sure! And the BK guy just gave me a funny little story. It's all fodder for the blog, right? :)

  5. BWAHAHAHA I love that in hindsight you would've messed with the guy :D OW! :D

    1. If only I could have been quicker on my feet...I never think of the perfect comeback until hours later...

  6. AREN'T YOU GLAD I TOLD YOU TO TAKE AN URP BUCKET WITH YOU?! I've been to this rodeo a few times before!

    Has he looked at his teeth now that time has passed? My kids still have all theirs. The ones the oral surgeon removed are the most spectacular, roots being what they are.

    And I love anesthesia and narcotic fueled conversations. And the pictures to go with them. And that he's recovering nicely. And that you got more than half of them removed for freeeeee!

    1. I am your padawan, for sure...and you are wise beyond your years. Thanks again for the tip!

      Yes, he looked at the teeth that afternoon, actually. He was impressed with the roots in particular.

      Yes, the free part was probably my biggest thankful, once the whole thing was over and done with...and he'd come out of anesthesia ok. Better than I do, that's for sure!

  7. Poor little guy! What a trooper! Hubby had surgery last year getting his wisdom teeth taken out. And because he has this weird theory that the singer of Radiohead always gets his tongue numbed before singing, he put it to the test right there, no 30 minutes after his surgery he's sitting in the car, mumbling Radiohead. And no, it didn't sound the sam sort of mumbling as the singer has. I totally get you. When I'm pregnant and hungry, I turn into the most ridiculous baby, crying for food. Embarrassing in hindsight :-) Have a great weekend, Mrs. A R, and a speedy recovery to your little guy!

    1. Yeah I don't know that I have ever CRIED for food, but I have been crabby for sure, both pregnant and non-pregnant. THe non-pregnant crabby is more embarassing, I have to say.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. WOW!! That was an adventure. Dentists are good friends to have.

    "Didn't speak Mom eyes." I have to remember that one.

    1. Yes, dentist friends are fantastic to have, for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Oh my gosh. My ten year old daughter is about to go through this - nine baby teeth pulled, followed by chains on two very sideways top canine teeth. I felt a little like I was seeing my future in this post. So...all my stuff aside (because your blog post isn't actually about me or my daughter), I'm glad it went smoothly for your son, and that you were able to get some if those teeth pulled for free.

    1. Well, I am sure that things will go well for your daughter as well! My son goes TOMORROW for the chains to be attached to the braces. I suspect that will almost be worse than the surgery.

      Best wishes to your daughter (and you!)...and take an urp bucket for the car is the best advice I can give you!

  10. Your excerpts brought back memories of my own kids in la-la land post-oral surgeries. Conversation is great fun and even more fun days later when you you can all laugh! Glad things went well! Who did he inherit his mouth issues from?

    1. Small-mouth issues are totally me...we're just thankful he did not get my husband's over-sized teeth and my small mouth. THAT would have been a really big problem! Average-size teeth were difficult enough!

  11. yow!
    what an ordeal (which is not to say any one part of the process was exceptionally bad to painful (I assume from your story) but the idea of such a large scale thing to do have to endure (both of you).
    You both acquitted yourselfs quite admirably, my compliments!

    1. Yes, quite an ordeal for sure! Glad that is is mostly over for now...chains are attached to the braces tomorrow, which probably will not be fun, but I have a shake lined up for him already. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious - I mean of course his surgery and pain are not, but the whole situation with your commentary especially is hilarious! I totally would have messed with the dude at the BK, but I never think that fast - it always comes to me later. Anesthesia induced conversations are indeed entertaining. I believe when I woke up from mine after Kidzilla's delivery I was swearing like a sailor and worried that my Mother in Law would hear me doing so. It was fantastic - or so I'm told. I actually have zero recollection of any of this.
    Hope the mouth heals well - have a wonderful week!

    1. Well thank...I try to be funny. It's often funny to me but I am never 100% certain that is translates to the reader. And yes, I always think of the perfect comeback about 3 hours after the fact.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. OHMYEVER! Poor lil pumpkin! But he (and mom!) handled it like a CHAMP. Wow.

    Those teeth photos....WOW.

    the giggly convo while sitting on the toilet seat with his pants on had me laughing!

    1. Yes, the teeth are impressive...and I had to include the penny just so everyone could also be impressed by them. :)

      Yes, that chat still makes me giggle...and he has no memory of it. Perfect. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!