Saturday, March 8, 2014

It’s Not You It’s Me

So I need you to know before I continue that this is not me breaking up with you. It is me needing some time and space away from you to figure some stuff out.

I have to be honest, when we first got together, it was lovely and glorious and everyone was happy.

Well, I know that I was. And I assumed you were, because you’ve stuck with me thus far. But you know what assuming can get you.

But now this whole thing feels like work. And yes, relationships can be (and any relationship worth anything IS) work.

And I am not opposed to work. You can ask the PBA about that. I am in no way opposed to making them work.

And I am not personally opposed to work either. So much so that Mr. Always Random has, on occasion, accused me of not being able to relax.

I can relax. For instance, when I began the blog, it was relaxing to write. And it was enjoyable. And fun.

And don’t get me wrong…I still love the writing. But I find, as of late, that it is not relaxing. Or all that fun. I find it stressful to come up with topics. And I have self-imposed pressure to post more.

And the very worst part of my inner angst: I am doing the writing just for the “accolades”.

Trust me. I use the term “accolades” loosely.  I am fully-aware that it only amounts to a comment here or there. Which is fine. I am not complaining. It only sounds like I am.

OK, maybe I am complaining a bit. When you value “words of affirmation” as I do, it’s difficult not to get them. But I do know in my heart that it is truly ok.

To be honest, I have the same issue with FB (from which I am also taking a “posting break”…on my blog page especially). I don’t post on there much but I feel as though I have become too focused on “likes” and not about producing “good writing”.

Notice my use of “good”. Clearly I need to hone my skills a bit; may I suggest beginning in the adjective department?

Anywho…I still love the writing, and while I can be random with the best of them (clearly sticking to the theme of the blog…yeah me for being consistent!)…I need to take some time off from this relationship.

That being said, I am not doing a “Lenten Fast” as it may seem. 

I very-well I might be back before Easter. 

Or it might be sometime AFTER Easter.

Let’s be honest…it could be next week.

Or it may be never. I just don’t know. I make no promises.

As I said on my blog…please don’t cry as I am a sympathy crier and my heart can’t take the tears. 

Thanks for your patience with me!


  1. I will miss your posts, but I understand the need to take a break. Have fun with all your real-life randomness!

  2. Gearin' up to write a similar post myself.... dangit! You beat me to the "it's not you, it's me" line....I'll have to come up with another 'break up' line.

    But, I totally get it.

    :) ...till we meet again...
    (I don't even know what that means...other than I sat staring at my cursor trying to figure out how to wrap up this comment....)

  3. You can't do this! I look forward to your posts and i am so disappointed when there isn't one. Maybe I need to motivate the boys to do more that is "blog-worthy"! xoxoxoxo

  4. Well I shall surely miss your posts, but completely respect your need for a break. In a totally unrelated conversation, a friend said to me very recently that if we are doing something that has ceased to fulfill us in a positive way, then it's time to step aside. She's right. And we all have to do what we believe is right.

    I wish you the best!

  5. Come back when you are ready, I'll be waiting. And I DO know where to find you :-)

  6. I will miss you most of all...A wise little girl from kansas said that I believe... I sooo look forward to your post...truly you are one I look for on the TToT... I totally get it rest and recoup and rejuvinate the writing bug if it is meant to be revived... You will be missed for however long it takes!

  7. I will be sad, of course, but I at least have the advantage of being able to see you and talk with you. Enjoy the break.

  8. Do you remember what happened when Ross and Rachel took a break from each other? DO YOU?