Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful: Week 33 and Still NOT Thankful for Cold Weather

So…thank you first of all for taking the time to read this. I am well-aware that most of you only read me at the Hop on the week-ends and I totally get that. I am the same way. Much as I would love to read lots of blogs there just isn’t time to read all of you, regardless (notice I did not say “irregardless” because that is not a word…irregardless of how often people use it. Still Not.a.word.) of how wonderful you are.

All that rambling to say…thank for reading it at all.

And for those of you who read my blog with my frequency than that, thank you for that as well. I have been fairly quiet these past two weeks so I appreciate your patience with me. I can’t guarantee when I’ll be back to writing more regularly (please, stop the crying…I know your heart is breaking, but I just can't handle it) but I’m sure it will be at some point.

I find it difficult to write when the PBA don’t give me good material. I hold them responsible for my dry period.

Surely it isn’t me.

With that, I did want to share my list of Thanksfuls for the week. Because even though I wasn’t writing anything (ok actually I’ll be honest…I did do some writing, but it was junk. Absolute rubbish. So no one else gets to read it.) and I am NOT thankful in the slightest about that, there were some things for which I was thankful this week.

  • I am thankful for bedtime cuddles with both boys, but especially with the 10yo. My little tone-deaf child still asks me to sing to him and rub his hair before he goes to sleep.  I can still pretend he’s little. Well, technically he IS little but only in size. NOT bravado.  But I digress.
  • I am thankful that on Monday evening, my 12yo was supposed to have a make-up basketball game. But because of the cold temperatures, the schools canceled all of the evening activities. And yes, you guessed it, his game was scheduled at one of the schools. This gave us an unhampered evening with nothing going. Now that means the game will be rescheduled (maybe…it’s getting a little late in the season for reschedules), but I don’t have to think about that right now.
  • I am thankful that the PBA can keep on going with school in spite of closing and delays; fortunately they don’t really ask for snow days anymore, especially since I told them “you’ll be smarter than those public school kids”. I don’t know that that is true in any way, but hey, if it motivates them, then I am ALL IN.
  • OK, this is a convoluted thankfulness item so stick with me. On Monday, both boys got in trouble (I won’t go into details but let me simply remind you that they are 20 months apart, highly-competitive and we are swimming in a sea of testosterone over here. Fortunately nothing was broken.  I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.) As a result, they were “grounded” from TV and video games. So as a result, they realized on Monday afternoon that they could get some of Tuesday’s work done. And not only did they get “some” of it done…they did it all. Which meant on Tuesday, they did Wednesday’s work…and so on down the line. Which mean that by Friday, they had the day off, Which meant I also had the day off.  So…I am thankful to have had a day off, AND that they finally did what I had been trying to get them to do all along…work ahead and have an “easy” Friday! (See, this is really two items in one...please make a note of it.)
  • I am thankful for music appreciation which allows a food to pair naturally with it: Blondie with Blondies. They were tasty, I must say. (I’ll post the recipe later.)
  • I am thankful for the outcome of the frozen pipes in the master bath. On Tuesday morning, my husband woke up and went in to take a shower, only to discover that  his sink, the shower and the toilet in the master bath were frozen. (Mind you this is on the heels of LAST week and the new water heater!) Yes, that’s right…frozen. We had two space heaters and my parents brought one over (thankful for that). And after running all three of them were going for a while (probably 2-3 hours total) everything was back in business. And nothing appears to have ruptured. Phew!
  • I am thankful for a dog to snuggle with while I sit and read. (Please don’t tell Indy I said this…he’s cocky enough as it is.)
  • I am thankful that I finished reading “Olive Kitteridge”…not yet sure how I feel about it.
  • I am NOT thankful for the cold weather. Or for the freezing rain and snow which is coming tonight. Or the 6-10 inches of snow we are predicted to get on Tuesday. BUT I am thankful to have a warm shelter. And plenty of food.
  • I will be more thankful for spring than ever before…not so much for the warm temperatures but perhaps that other people (myself included) can find things other than the cold weather to talk about.
  • Lastly, I am thankful for the basketball game my 12yo played on Thursday night…he was able to get the monkey off his basketball back by scoring his first basket in a game (it’s his first year to play basketball…have I mentioned that?) so it was a relief for him. HOPING he can relax now and just enjoy playing the games.
Well, I think that’s probably 10, don’t you guess? No need to count…just trust me. I've never lied to you yet. Yet.

And hop on over to see what other thankfulness has been shared!


  1. I'll have to google Olive Kitteridge and see what that's about. And yes, I love the unexpected serendipity of cancelled events when a rush, rush evening suddenly becomes a lot easier.

  2. ya gotta love a grounding that turns around into a plus! So often grounding my kid was punishing me as well! I have to google O.Kitteridge too... now I wanna know what its about... I kind of have a reading fetish on... I think I am in avoidance of writing. So Blondies for Blondie... do you play the music while you make them?Its funny you mention the reading thing at the beginning because I always think that as well about being grateful for weekend readers but I try to snap on something each week that is extra... for example the post party post.... have a great weekend! GLad the pipes worked out... I feel your pain there!

  3. Awesome that your boys worked ahead, even though the "motivation" for it was not all too positive. If it helped them to learn something, great :-) I'm glad your pipes didn't burst, that would have been such a mess, and probably an expensive mess. Cuddles with the kids is the best :-) Have a great weekend, Mrs.!

  4. I loved Olive Kitteridge. Loved it! She's such a mixed character: you horrifies you and infuriates you, but then you're overcome with sympathy for her or she wins you over with her compassion. I just love a character that is described honestly as neither wholly good nor bad, but human, like all of us. Though I hope I am never as bad as she is at times! Not that I wouldn't mind being as good.

  5. Glad the pipes didn't burst! Does seem kind of ridiculous right after the new water heater. Glad nothing burst and things are back to normal. Your item of convoluted thankfulness is awesome - take it however you can get it!

  6. Oh, Kirsten, I'm thankful for a dog to keep me company (in fact, two). Say hi to Lindy for me!

  7. I totally get that thing about the lack of time and not getting to as many blogs as I have friends (here in the blogosphere)… but that sorta makes this a thing to be grateful for, the hop that comes with everyone's blogs in one place*

    As much as I hate to see time speeding up, at this time of year I don't mind as much…anything that gets us on the other side of February is fine with me.

    *hey! great Grat Item!! gotta remember it for next week.

  8. You are awesome and have your head on straight and write from the heart!

  9. The fact that your master bath pipes froze scares the tar out of me. You have a real house, with real heat. I have an old house with horrible windows and little heat. Is it just a matter of time???
    My kids still have school during the cold days since we don't have buses. They moan about it until I remind them about the beautifully warm days that the public school kids will be missing while we are outside enjoying.
    Good for them, getting their work done and giving you all a free day. Kinda like a snow day, but better.
    Lucky you, having a child who still wants you to sing to him and tuck him in.

  10. I've heard good things about Olive Kitteridge. Will need to make sure it's on my reading list. Thank goodness your pipes turned out okay!