Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post Script to the Open Letter to Current and Future Gym Rats

So…you may have thought that I got all my rant out about people at the gym. But unfortunately it has recently come to my attention that I have not nearly begun to cover it all.

Here is the original post…I’m sure you ALL have read it. But you may need a refresher. 

I know I did.

And with that, I have for your reading enjoyment (I hope) a few more issues (which I give you here in my post-script) for those gym rats to address:

  • If you are on a cardio machine and you’ve actually taken the time to sign up (for which I applaud you…truly I do…so many people cannot be bothered with such trivialities which the common folk abide by), please make sure you exit your machine when your time slot ends.  Now, I mentioned this in my previous post…but this point requires an additional request: if you are over your time and someone approaches you about that very fact (more than likely the person who has also followed the rules and signed up for the time slot immediately following yours) do not argue with her about it.  And do not point out empty machines and tell them they should “just use one of those”.  Sometimes people are very particular about their machines and only want to use certain ones. I wouldn’t know anything about such oddities, but I’ve heard stories. Also, sometimes those seemingly “open” machines are simply between people and will be used again very shortly. No need to judge…you messed up, you abused your time slot power and now you need to own up to it.

  • I don’t care if you’re young and cute and clearly work out a lot more than I did at your age (or than I do now) and obviously did your hair and make-up BEFORE coming to the gym: do not take selfies while you are on the elliptical. I mean, don’t get me wrong: it is HIGHLY entertaining for the people on the machines around you to watch you try to balance, make your duck face, AND look like you’re working out really hard.  But I promise you…NO ONE on the receiving end of that picture really wants to see it. Oh, and you might fall off the machine, which of course is the main reason I am concerned…

  • And this is a note specifically geared to the dad who blatantly thumbed his nose at the gym’s weight room age limit rules: if you’re going to let your son who physically appears too young to be in the weight room and you are encouraging him to lie about his age (which kids need to be 14 or older to be in the weight room), make sure said child is not wearing a t-shirt which touts him as a member of the “Class of 2020.”  (In case you were wondering, that would make him a 6th grader, and more than likely NOT 14 or older).

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  1. These gum rants are not making me want to join a gym, which I do want to do. I even thought of joining yours, but I'm rethinking that one. :)