Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Who Is This?

For years, I tried to stuff my 12yo into a preppy-clothes mold.

Once I realized he wasn't going for it, I quit trying to force the issue. We have gone through a few months / years of a combination of t-shirts and sweats or shorts. And sometimes jeans thrown in for good measure.

This is what emerged from his bedroom on Sunday morning for church:

Lest you be confused, this was not taken in my house; it is in the basement at our church.
And he has just a touch of the "I am trying hard not to smile because I don't want you to take my picture but am on the inside flattered that you care enough to do so. I am a tween, afterall..." look to him.
An outfit which he bought with his own money at Old Navy the day before, excepting for the shoes he had asked for (and obviously gotten) for Christmas.

  • Corduroy pants
  • Button-down shirt, topped with a pull-over waffle-weave Henley
  • Suede Pumas

For. The. Love. (yes, again, for at least the second time this week...For.The. Love.)

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  1. If it has a button, my boys will only wear it under duress. You boy is growing up!!! I'm kinda jealous.

    1. Yes, if only it went beyond the clothes...I know he'll get there but man! This growing up business is hard on a mama...

  2. Who's the girl? ;) that's obviously why he's dressing up voluntarily.

    1. I did have that thought, but I just am not sure that's it...time will tell. I do try to stalk him when he's off doing his own thing to see if there is a girl who's hanging around. I'm such a good mom.

  3. I think he looks quite nice. I remember what my boys would want to wear at this age and all I can say is YIKES!