Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Close of Day 3

Today is Day 4 of not going anywhere due to inclement weather...don't judge.

But Mr. Always Random did go to work for the first time since last Thursday...and I sent a grocery list with him.

Fingers-crossed he gets what he's supposed to...I am certain that we're all going to get scurvy if we go much longer without replenishing our supplies.

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  1. If you could just pick that sunset and eat it, you'd avoid scurvy. The whiteness of the snow only adds to the beauty of the sky.

  2. SO PRETTY!!! I hope you, the PBA and Mr AR enjoyed your time together...what my hubby would give to not have gone to work since Thursday. (I can't figure out if my grammar is ok on that last sentence... eh...)

    It's snowing here today, but it's a nice peaceful, picturesque snowfall. So far ... it's nice. :)

    PRETTY PRETTY pictures! :)

  3. Your pictures look so much nicer than what I see out my window. I like other people's snow so much better. I want mine to go away and stay away.

  4. That is so lovely. See, now when we have great sunsets outside our back window, the photo just doesn't translate what we see in reality. Yours, though, are awesome - looks like the snow is on fire.