Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful: Week 30

Well, to say that this week did not go as planned/thought/anticipated would be putting it mildly. We had a storm come through, beginning on Sunday morning.

And it was fun for a while.
Yes, it is the PBA and Indy
But by Sunday afternoon, it shut everything down until about Friday.

Yes, you read that right: Friday.

I say Friday because it was the first day that the public school system in which we live actually had school.
They got an extended Christmas Break.

Until Friday, when the outside temperatures warmed up, the snow was cleared but the road were total sheets of ice.

And nobody wants buses (or teenage drivers) attempting to navigate that.

So…that being said, our week wasn’t as planned. But we still had school…much to my children’s chagrin. 
We’d already started back during the week prior so I figured why lose the momentum, right?

And what else were we going to do? We had nowhere to go…might as well do some school work.

As an aside, I may have talked my mom’s ear off today, during the course of breakfast and the PBA’s basketball games.

She didn’t seem too phased, as she hadn’t gotten out much this week either. And she only had one person to share the house with, while I had my choice of three with whom I could interact.

So…because I have belabored the introduction as best I could, I shall now commence with the long-anticipated list.

This week, we are thankful…
  • That we had an extra week off our evening activities.
  • That we didn’t lose power. I mean…not at all. Many others did, which is highly-dangerous in the low temps we encountered. So that was a huge praise.
  • That we didn’t have any pipes burst (but we did have an opportunity to clean the bathroom thoroughly)
  • That we had a fireplace and plenty of firewood.
  • That Mr. Always Random stayed home on Monday and Tuesday with us…to keep us company and also keeping the house heated with the fire. I am somewhat inept in that department…much to his disappointment.
  • That he made it safely to work on Wednesday and Thursday, even when the roads were still junky.
  • That I didn’t even go to the store (other than to CVS to get a gallon of milk) right before the storm and we still survived with more than enough food (ok, not so much on the fruits and veggies, but other than that, we did ok).
  • That on Wednesday night, Mr. Always Random followed my grocery list at Aldi to a “T” when we were running low on fruit and veggies…I was afraid we’d get scurvy (ok, not really)…and proved that he CAN go to the store for me, if I would ever have need again. The jig is up.
  • That we didn’t kill one another in spite of all our additional unplanned together time.
  • That we had schoolwork and the Wii to keep us busy.
  • That we all got in a great deal of jammie time…but by Thursday, I had upgraded to “real clothes” (aka yoga pants and a sweatshirt).
  • That we were finally all able to escape, I mean leave the house, by Thursday afternoon.
  • That now it’s warmed up a tiny bit and the roads are getting better…it’s warm enough for the salt to do its job against the ice on the roads.
  • That it’s been raining to melt some of this snow and ice too…don’t get me wrong…it’s pretty at first but by day 3 or so, I’m kind of over it.

  • Now this last one has nothing to do with the weather, but it is still a big thankfulness thing: That Music Appreciation for the PBA has videos now: Queen, Bee Gees and Simon and Garfunkel (which was late 60’s but we missed them last month so I dipped back into the 60’s to catch them) were all covered this week.

I’m sure that’s at least ten things of thankful (no need to count). Now hop on over to Lizzi’s page to see what else people are thankful for this week!


  1. A beautiful picture and a wonderful (at least - no counting required) ten.

    I'm glad it's beginning to warm up for you. Hope it continues to do so, and you all stay safe and warm until the weather's better.

    And hey - it seems like you made the best of your vortex time. And even discovered that Mr AR can do the groceries for you. WHOOT! :D

  2. That sounds like a pretty good snowed-in week. We had quite a cold and icy mess here, too, but we didn't lose quite that much school time - a day and a delayed start. But it's been so hard to get the momentum back since Christmas break, so you were smart to keep on going with school.

    Jammie time - yes, always a good thing. And it is a great feeling to get through snowed-in days like that without running out of food - veggies or no. My grandmother and my mom always had enough food on hand to feed an army at a moment's notice and so we never did the run out for snow supplies panic. Guess it just trickled down because we did just fine here.

    Love the list - and have a great week!

  3. Those snowpeople are impressivo! As is Mr. AR and his shopping abilities. That The Dude were so talented...

  4. Great that it's warming up, and thankful for this list too! Thanks for sharing, Kristen.

  5. My husband stopped to buy milk on Tuesday. I didn't give him a list, because the last time I did he came home with grapes with seeds. Who even eats those anymore?
    I would have enjoyed a fireplace this week. Not that I can start a fire, but there are two scouts in the house who are awesome fire starters.
    I'm glad to see the snoe melting as well, but the mud and ugliness we have now is awful. Guess there's just no making me happy.

  6. Not bad for a snowed in week but I'm sure that the cabin fever had to be getting to you! I go a little stir crazy when I get locked down for more than two days. I'm happy to hear that you were blessed with the non-loss of power and had plenty of fire to keep you warm. Most of all though, I must say I'm glad no one got scurvy :) Lol!!

  7. Sounds like Mr. Always Random needs to do the grocery shopping from now on but most especially when its cold.

  8. Your poor kiddos! No such thing as a snow day! AND YOU'RE AN ALDI SHOPPER?! I knew we were friends for a reason!