Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Business Like Snow Business

No Business Like Snow Business: I'm certain that no one has ever come up with that pun before.

But I am going with it anyway...feel free to pull the rip cord while there's still time.

I don’t care much for the snow.

Sure it’s pretty and all, and part of God’s creation…ooooh, ahhhh…yes it is amazing stuff, each flake is individual, just like each human being; there have never been two identical snowflakes.

Or human beings.

You get the analogy.

But this snow is really a pain in my sweet patootie. (I'm making assumptions on that last bit, by the way.)

In case I am not being crystal clear, please let me be now: I am not terribly excited about the new snowfall.

And as an aside, this song makes no sense to me.

And I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a child, but the 10yo launched into this very song when he saw that it had snowed overnight.

Bless him.

Yes, it is beautiful to look at but frankly I rarely stop and think about its beauty. It is messing up my plans.

Nevermind the fact that I, just this very morning, prayed that I would accomplish that which God wanted me to accomplish and to let everything else fall away.

I really didn’t think it would mean that my plans would have to change, right?

Nevermind the fact that I wanted to go to the gym, even though it was potentially going to mess up our first day back to school (yes, I’m a task-master…going back on January 2…but they did have 3 weeks off so please do not pity them too much; and they will only have two days and then have the week-end off. Man, I’m harsh, right?); it would mess up school because we have plans this evening which we had rescheduled from last week due to illness.

And at the time of this writing, I have my fingers crossed (not really…I don’t believe in that, plus it would make typing all the more difficult) and arrow-prayers going up that we still have plans for tonight.

See…this snow is messing things up.

And, the snow is (ok…crazier...especially since I can't go to the gym. Can you tell that's really eating at me?)

In addition to altered plans, I now have the flooring to worry about.

OK, I don’t have to worry…I choose that. And I think “worry” is a harder word than what I really mean. I think I mean “have to consider”…how is that?

I have never before considered my floors and their relationship to the dog.

Now we must keep a towel by the back door (not on the floor, mind you, because mostly it is damp if not wet, which would negate the attempts at keeping the floor dry) to wipe him off every time he comes inside when it’s snowing. Or has snowed (or is wet for any reason…rain, for instance, is also a pain, but we’re talking about snow right now).

He’s like a bit fuzz ball and gets little bits of snow clinging to his mange.

OK, he’s not really mangy…I just groomed him a couple weeks ago.

Kind of groomed him.

My dog grooming clippers weren’t fully charged and kept turning off in mid-cut (always a good look), so I resorted to some old clippers I had used on the PBA.

I promise not to use them on the boys again.

OK, I promise to PROBABLY not use them on the boys again.

If I have learned anything, it is that I make no guarantees about anything. Nothing is for certain.

Except this: I am not going to the gym today.

Probably. I am probably not going to the gym today.

Remember…it snowed.


  1. I'm with ya, Sister! I was prepared, and even almost OK, with the predicted 2-4 inches. We have gone waaaaay past 4 inches and it is still snowing. Yes, it gorgeous. Blah, blah, blah. But, at least come tomorrow I won't be complaining about the snow. Did you hear, the temps are going to drop, and we'll be sitting at a high of zero degrees.
    Stay safe and warm!

    1. Yes, more snow and COLD COLD COLD...I just L.O.V.E. it (man, I wish I had a sarcasm font)...

  2. A sarcasm font would be awesome. And if I had it I would say all kinds of LOVELY things about snow. And zero temperatures and NEGATIVE wind chill numbers. Bah humbug. But I do love not having to go out in it, thank you snow days. I'm really OK with that part. I am now going to shiver my way into bed and pull the covers right up over my head to sleep. :) Stay warm!

  3. Ah, yes... we are truly Sisters from another Mister. ;) You hate the HOT and HUMID, I hate the HOT & HUMID. You strongly dislike the snow --me too! I like it best from a nice 'n cozy place indoors! It IS pretty and all that, but.... once it gets melty and dirty, not so much. We, too, have a towel by the back door for wiping off all the snowy-wet paws....and Piper loves to ROLL around in the white stuff!

  4. I like the snow for the first day if I don't have to go anywhere. And then i'm done… for the year.