Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Visitor to the Deck

The other night, just after the snow had stopped, Mr. Always Random went to the back door to get more firewood.

"Ummm...whose footprints are those?"

No one had been out on the deck in a few hours. Not even Indy.

Yes, the photography was not stellar. One tends to be nervous when she thinks Bigfoot (or his tiny off-spring...these were not big tracks, mind you) might jump out of nowhere and cold-cock you, knocking you unconscious and capturing your children.

Hey, it could happen. Don't judge.

My first thought was raccoons. We have seen them in the woods behind our house, and waddling into the drain at the edge of our property (you know...in their natural environment).

But here is a picture of raccoon tracks.

Close...but not quite a match.

Then I thought opossum. Which makes sense (more sense, actually) because we suspect that the live under the deck.

And we have seen the retreat of their wormy tails when we take Indy outside in the dark.

Sometimes we see their glowing eyes too, just beyond the edge of where the fingers of the porch light extends.

I really love them...can't you tell?

Yup. Definitely opossum.


I think I would have preferred a tiny Bigfoot.

Editor's Note: The next morning Mr. Always Random saw additional tracks (which he failed take a picture of for me...even after a year+ of blogging, he still has yet to grasp the importance of taking pictures of everything!), but they included what appeared to be "drag marks" of a wormy tail as well. Everyone together: eeeuwww!


  1. I think I would prefer a raccoon. But, we can always look on the bright side---it wasn't a SKUNK!!

    1. Touche, Mrs. Glass-Half-Full...you are right. It is better than a skunk. But at least skunks are cute...but much more "dangerous". And yes, I would prefer a raccoon...granted the ones we have are BIG, but still. The best of several poor options...

    2. Ah, yes you are right about the "cuteness" factor that skunks possess. Several years ago when we lived in a different house on the other side of town (which really just means a matter of a few blocks in my town), we had skunks in our yard. A mama and her cub (is that the right word for baby skunk?). Right in the middle of the day, walking through our yard! It was cute, but only because we were indoors when we saw them!

  2. Arghhh some day I will share our opossum story. I do not like them, they look like GIANT rats to me. But Kari is right, it was not a skunk! That would really stink!

    1. Yes, plesae share your disgust. I hate them, especially their wormy tails. And evil eyes. And pointy noses. OK...everything that has to do with them. YUCK-O!

      Yes, she's right...

    2. I agree....opossums are... icky...those beady little eyes and icky rubbery tail... GIANT rats, for sure!

  3. My husband once reached out to pet the neighbor's cat when he was taking the trash out one night, only for it NOT to be the neighbor's cat but a snarling, hissing possum.

    1. Holy crapamoly! Dyanne, that made me laugh so hard! The mental picture I get in my head.... lol... oh...wait, he's ok, right? all appendages accounted for, right? ...ok, good then... I'll continue laughing. :)

    2. Oh.my.gosh! Dyanne you have the best stories. That is hilarious! But yes, of course...just like Kari said...he wasn't injured, right?