Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: A Most Unfortunate Song Title

I was shocked and appalled to learn that Mr. Always Random had NEVER (at least to his recollection) ever heard this song until this past week-end.

When he heard that his dad wasn't familiar with the song, the 10yo exclaimed, "You've NEVER heard 'Classical Gas'? That's incredible!"

For the record, the 10yo had probably only heard it once (maybe twice). With a name such as "Classical Gas" it is not something a 10yo or 12yo boy will soon forget.

Regardless, Mr. Always Random should also be enrolled in Music Appreciation with the PBA; we learn about ALL the good stuff.

(And lest you be confused, we are not even studying the 1960's yet...this was simply knowledge acquired off the cuff, while riding in the car; we're still in the 1950's. WARNING: be ready to hear some Chuck Mangione some January...)

On second thought, why wait? Here's some Chuck for you  right now...I knew you'd be Googling it anyway; I just saved you a step.


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  1. I see your 'Classical Gas' and raise you 'Ill Wind' -

  2. Both of these take me back to my childhood. The Chuck Mangione song... I don't know why...but it always gives me a nostalgic sadness when I hear it.

    Thanks for saving me the time of Googling it... ;)

  3. I love Chuck Mangione. Showing my years, I think...but good songs.