Friday, November 1, 2013

Foodie Friday: Crockpot Baked Potatoes

So…I know you are probably all picking yourselves up off the floor. This week’s Foodie Friday post is NOT a dessert or a sweet treat in any way.
It is, however, loaded with carbs. I will probably never choose something which is totally carb-free, because the carb addiction nicely accompanies the sugar and chocolate addiction.
Don’t judge.
If you’re nice, I may have a lovely follow-up (and yes…it’s dessert) recipe for you next week…also in the crock pot. But since I broke one of my crocks a couple weeks ago in a most-unfortunate incident, I can only mono-crock at present.
(Insert sigh here.) Let’s all have a moment of silence for the vintage Crockpot that went to be with the great Slow Cooker in the sky.
So anyway, I haven’t tried the dessert recipe yet. And I prefer NOT to stick my neck out and recommend recipes I have not yet tried.
I’m sure you understand.
Now you may be asking yourselves at present, “Why, on God’s green Earth, would I take so much time to make baked potatoes in a Crockpot when I can EASILY put them in the oven, OR put them in the microwave.
Frankly, I am not entirely certain, except for this: it was nice to be able to put these together earlier in the afternoon, leave for several hours (I may or may not have gone to someplace like the Salvation Army Store or something important such as that…full disclosure is not necessary.) and come home to a home-made dinner.
A dinner which I made.
For very little money.
And it was basically ready when I came in the door.
Beat that.
Ok, that was a little unnecessary trash talk. I’m sorry.
Let me pick that gauntlet back up…don’t want anyone tripping over it.
You could undoubtedly beat that. No need to try…I doubt it would be too difficult.
One other thing I must mention about this recipe…the name, in my opinion, is not entirely accurate. I would not consider these to be “baked” potatoes…they are steamed.
And while still delicious, they are not baked.
I just had to say that, lest someone come after me about it.
I know how you people are…demanding 100% accuracy at all times.
Wait, wait…that’s me.
So, since I’m really selling this recipe, I don’t want to delay putting it out there for you any longer. And BTW it’s difficult…I hope you all can follow it.

Crockpot Baked Potatoes
4-6 small baking potatoes (1-1/4 lb.)
1 tsp. oil
Any potato toppings you want

PRICK potatoes with fork; brush with oil. Wrap individually in foil.
PLACE, seam sides up and evenly spaced, in slow cooker; cover with lid. Cook on LOW 6 to 7 hours (or on HIGH 4 to 4-1/2 hours).
UNWRAP potatoes carefully; cut slits in potatoes. Top as desired.

For best results, make sure there is space around each wrapped potato when placing in the slow cooker so that the potatoes cook evenly.


  1. I have done this a few times and I definitely recommend it! It's a great time saver when you need dinner ready at a certain time, but you can't be home for the hour they take to bake in the oven. Or your oven is full of other stuff. Definitely prefer this method over microwaving "baked" potatoes. And as for the dessert in the Crock's a yes, whatever it is...especially if it involves chocolate.

    1. Hi, have we met? I'm pretty sure it's going to involve chocolate... :)

  2. “Why, on God’s green Earth, would I take so much time to make baked potatoes in a Crockpot when I can EASILY put them in the oven, OR put them in the microwave."

    I was thinking that exact question. :)

    If only I could cook the bacon to top those potatoes in the crock-pot, too.

    1. I knew that's what you were thinking, Christine...I had you specifically in mind when I was writing it. It's like I channeled you or something...but then we ARE BFFs ;)

      See, now your oven will be free for the bacon because your potatoes will be in the crockpot...crisis averted. Any other problems I can solve for you?

  3. I LOVE the *idea* of crock pot cooking ... I just really lack the fore-planning it takes. I want to do it, then don't have the ingredients for a recipe or the meat is still frozen (which is a thought...can you put frozen meat in a crock pot? I'm thinking it should be thawed, right? eh...see?)

    This is a great idea! And I actually HAVE potatoes on hand right now. And you're right...potatoes are a 'cheap' way to go. I think I have a pork roast in the freezer.... hmmm, I am thinking I have Sunday dinner planned!

    *Condolences on the deceased crock pot* :'(

    1. You can put frozen meat in the crock pot...just google it (my answer for everything) to see if you need to add to the cooking time.

      You can also make the pork into lovely pulled pork simply by cooking it in the crockpot on low for about 8 hours and with two cans of soda (regular NOT diet)...the meat will shread nicely, have a bit of sweetness but not too much and then add your sauce of choice. You could just make the potatoes into the meal itself (that's what I do because I'm C.H.E.A.P.)