Monday, November 25, 2013

Etymology and the PBA: Part 3

Last week, as I was grilling testing the PBA for their end-of-week etymology quiz, I gave them each stem, one at a time. They had to tell me the meaning and EACH give to me a word using that stem.

And lest you think I am too easy on them, they get 6 new stems/week. They are expected to study not only the new ones, but also the stems of the previous weeks. And they are quizzed on the whole lot.

We just finished week do the math, because it's too much for me.

I'm really going all-out for "Mother of the Year", and frankly I think I've got it in.the.bag.

But I digress.

The 10yo has the ability to memorize like no one I've ever met before, plus he's also quick on the draw. He should really pursue acting, but because I am pushing it, he's resisting.

Ergo...he was nailing virtually all the definitions and getting at least one word in before his brother.

At least one word; sometimes two or three.

I must pause here and say that although I do not tolerate a trouncing of his brother, it is impressive the words this child knows.

So the stem was "photo"; it means "light". (I am certain you all knew that without even looking it up.)

The 10yo gave me the meaning, and also his word example: "Photograph".

The 12yo rolled his eyes at his brother (have you noticed the amount of eye-rolling going on in my house; surely they get that from their father's side, right?), and said, "Hey, that's the word I was going to say!"

We hear that a lot, but when I prompt him for another word, he has another word about 95% of the time.

Except that day. He was stalled on "photo"...and no, I would not accept "photo" as a word.

I'm mean, I tell ya'.

I decided to give him a hand; it was the LAST thing we had to do before our week-long Thanksgiving Break. Not because we need one, but because we want one. And can take one. And we only took a week for "Fall Break" in October.

So there. (Defensive much?)

Anyway, I gave him a prompt. "Who takes pictures?"

Without missing a beat, he said, "Grandpa?"


I am well-aware that this is only funny to a handful of you reading this, because you may or may not know that my dad IS a photographer for the IMS, as well as all the sports and activities of the PBA, our family vacations (which unfortunately means he's hardly in the pictures), and various other things.

So now, feel free to re-read that punchline and I'm certain you'll find it MUCH funnier the second go-round.

Here are some examples of his work (and yes, this may also be a shameless opportunity to show the cuteness, I mean "handsomeness", of the PBA):

OK, these may not be the BEST pictures ever, but in my search for some great action shots, I happened across this darling little sequence about which I had completely forgotten. This is my now-10yo in his Mr. Incredible phase but pre-mask (obviously otherwise you wouldn't be able to see his face...)

Thank you for indulging my trip down memory lane.

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  1. Pffft! I did laugh when I got to the punch line. Did you give him an eye roll when he said it? :)

    Sweet photos of the 10yo.

  2. I got it even before reading further.... totally funny! Kids and their quick-thinking!

    Adorable pics!!

  3. Awwww cute as a button :) Great punchline.