Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Bumblebee Tuna

This is just because it made me laugh and I hope it does you too. Be sure to watch all 3 parts. Enjoy!

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  1. That is SO hilarious! Have you seen the one with the guy who woke up and didn't know his wife and thought she was HOT? (It was on my Miss B page awhile back) I will be sure to have my camera ready when my kids have their wisdom teeth pulled, that's for sure!

    1. Do you watch Duck Dynasty? It might make it seem funnier if so, because he is a quiet kid so this was exceptionally funny because of that.

      My kids have already specified what they want me to do when their wisdom teeth come out; 12yo said absolutely NO recording, and the 10yo keeps BEGGING me to film it. And this totally fits with their personalities. :)

    2. No, we don't watch it...we tried, we really gave it the ole college try (is that the right saying? hmph...) Everyone was talking about it, even people who wouldn't expect would like it were saying how good it was. So we tried. But, really couldn't get into it.

      I don't think I will bring this up at an option to my kids.... if they don't know, they can't have an opinion about it until it's too late. (ugh...sometimes I sound way too much like Frankie Heck!) lol

    3. I know not every show is for everyone...there have been plenty of shows that people RAVE about but we never did like. I get it.

      Yes, I have my Frankie Heck moments too. :) We do love The Middle! :)

  2. Ok when we watched it we were laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. We love love love it. It makes us Happy Happy Happy! Seriously we've watched that episode a few times now and cannot stop laughing! thanks for sharing

  3. they played the rerun tonight and we laughed our way through it again!!!