Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Soccer Edition

Ten Things of Thankful

As I mentioned in my list of Ten Things yesterday, my 12yo had a soccer tournament this week-end. And though back in June, I wasn’t so sure what this season would bring, God soon revealed to me that He does know what He’s doing and this is year is going to be awesome for many reasons…some of which I’m still going to keep to myself for now and may choose to share at a later date.

Since this is my second post for the week-end, and because it is late in the day and I may be losing some steam, being that I left town yesterday morning and got back a couple hours ago, I shall not mince words and will

However, I must preface this with a disclaimer, especially for my dear In the Coop: I had totally planned on a soccer edition before I saw yours yesterday morning. And I’m glad you can do nothing about the fact that I am including soccer in each.and.every.item. on today’s list.

But I would like to see what you would do if possible…probably agree with me on most of it, actually.

NOW I shall

1. I am still unsure if it was the relaxed attitude while I was on vacation (when I was asked to consider it) or if I passed out and in my unconscious state I agreed, but all that to say I am the manager of my son’s soccer team. As team manager, I had multiple things to collect (digital photos; copies of birth certificates; NOTARIZED medical release forms; and signed Code of Conduct forms, which supposedly keep parents on their best behavior before, during and following the games…I have my suspicions about the effectiveness of them but no one asked for my opinion) from each parent. Seems like it would be easy, no? Well, no is right. What a head-ache. But it is complete. And everyone could play in the tournament this week-end. Phew! And in spite of all the trouble I had, I am thankful to have survived. And that I now have what I need. (Well, until tomorrow, when I ask the parents to bring $10/player to cover the ref fees for the additional “friendlie” games this coming week-end and next…pre-season games if you will. But I shall let that wait until tomorrow; today I shall pretend that it is all finished.)

2. I am thankful that even though I had to spend three hours away from home last Sunday afternoon/evening for our league meeting, the schedule is set for the fall season and it is fabulous. OK, maybe not FABULOUS but do-able. And I even made a couple changes to fit our own family's schedule…there has to be at least one perk to being the team manager, right?

3. I am thankful that everyone has their uniforms and their schedules and no one needs nothing else from me…at least for the moment. For today.

4. And even though I love the games, I don’t always love to go to practice. Practice is three nights a week from 5:30-7. I am thankful that there is a family in our neighborhood with which we can carpool for practice. Well, we can once my manager duties are all taken care of and I have collected that which I need to collect from the parents. So maybe next week we can start the carpool…

5. I am thankful that the “real” season starts in two weeks. Regardless of which team my son plays for, I LOVE to watch him play soccer. I was thinking today about the quote from Chariots of Fire, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” Now, is that to say that I think my son is going to grow up to be a professional soccer player? Probably not, but I obviously don’t know. I think it would be fabulous if so. But my point is that he loves to play the game and he’s passionate about it, and I just know without a doubt that he’s on THIS team, with THIS coach, and THESE teammates for such a time as this. (Oh yeah…I’m throwing a little bit of Esther in there for you too!)

6. I am thankful that our new coach is fabulous; look at me, saying “our” coach…yes, I feel a bit of ownership in this team, can you tell? I simply can’t say enough about him as a coach, but the hands-down BEST part is his faith in Jesus Christ and his undaunted willingness/eagerness to share it with the boys.

7. I am thankful that the team is beginning to come together nicely…it’s pretty much a totally new team (some of the boys have played together but many have not), and it’s a bump up to the full-size field and playing 11 v 11 (where we were 8v8 on a smaller field). They did a great job this week-end and are bursting full of potential to have a terrific year.

8. I am thankful for the roundabout by the soccer fields being open; this may seem unrelated but trust me it is. The roads surrounding the soccer fields have been closed for weeks due to construction on the new roundabout, thereby adding about 10 minutes to the travel time to the fields. As a result of that opening, I have a few extra minutes so we can arrive EARLY to practice; well, maybe not, but we try!

9. I am thankful for meeting all the new parents. Well, they’re not really new at this point, especially if their 12yo’s are their youngest, but they are new-to-me parents. Since this team is mostly new, most of us do not know one another and so this week-end was an opportunity to make some new connections. It may not be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” but time will tell! I still miss my BFF…she knows who she is.

10. I am thankful that we (again, taking ownership…lest you be confused, I didn’t actually play…it was just the boys) have our first tournament (clearly a pre-season one, since I already told you above that the regular season has not begun) under our belt and we made it to the semi-finals. We won both games yesterday (only allowing one goal the whole day), and then lost a heart-breaker this morning (1-0). So over all, in 210 minutes of play, they only allowed 2 goals. Not.too.shabby.

Bonus items:

11. I am thankful that the running I make my 12yo do each day is actually paying off. We learned this week-end that our coach’s philosophy is that defenders should be able to play at a high level of intensity for the entire game. All 70 minutes. My 12yo is a defender. Ergo=mom knew what she was doing when she made the aforementioned 12yo run 1-2 miles/day this summer in preparation for the season. You’re welcome, Buddy.

12. This leads into the next item of thankful: I am thankful for lots of playing time for my 12yo. I believe it will lead to many overall benefits, but most of all to a blossoming of the latent leadership qualities I know that have been waiting for the appropriate time to emerge. (I’m pretty excited about this year…can you tell?)

13. I was thankful for the decent coffee at our hotel because there was nary a Starbucks to be seen (or “Starbuckets” as my 10yo used to call it when he was first learning to talk…so as a result, I always think “Starbuckets” first and then correct myself inside my head before I speak. And now maybe you will too.) I won’t go so far as to say it was GOOD coffee, but it was decent. And caffeinated. And included in the hotel price.

14. I am thankful for beautiful weather for the tournament. Nothing makes or breaks a tournament like the weather. Mid-80’s (which did make for a little bit of steamy weather, because it rained just before we played, and when the sun came out, we all got to take a steam for about half an hour) and mostly slightly over-cast (so you didn’t have to squint all the time). Overall BEAUTIFUL!

I am thankful that you stopped by! Have a fabulous evening!

I'm still a little taken aback by how large the field looks...I am standing on one side, and they are WAY over on the other side with the coach. 


  1. Second list, SECOND LIST! Awesome sauce. And soccer gives much to be thankful for, so I'm pleased that you're able to write so, so many things.

  2. Your soccer list is so much more positive rhan an earlier one I read....

  3. I bow in respect of you people capable of a second...list!

  4. I bow in respect of you people capable of a second...list!

  5. As I recall, playing fullback is in his gene-pool....and that is something that you did quite well too.

  6. Love that you had two lists this weekend and truly had so much to be thankful for. And I love hearing about more soccer being that my girls are only just beginning and love to hear what I have to look forward to in the upcoming future! Enjoy the rest of your weekend now!! :)

  7. I do remember one tournament long ago, when my 10yo joined a new team. It was such a good chance to meet the parents. Especially one who had a horrible habit of talking with her mouth full when she yelled at her kids. (Hahahahaha!!!!)

    (Kinda) wish I could have been there.

    Dyanne, that is more than enough out of you.

  8. I'll have you know, Christine, that I only had one Tootsie Pop this week-end. I should have possibly had more, but I only had one. Mr. Always Random, however, had at least three. So who is getting better at controlling their tongue? Hard to may just be that he needs a sugar fix.

  9. I hope you bring a good book along to these tournaments. Looks like a beautiful day and I would love a reason to spend a day outside on a field :)