Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Ten Things of Thankful

OK, I hate the heat. Miss Bloggypants talked about the heat in her home state of Nebraska and I literally began sweating as she described it.

And though she’s a great writer, it wasn’t because her writing was so realistic. It was because IT’S HOT OUTSIDE!

Actually, as I write this, it may have cooled off. There’s tons of heat-lightning but nary a drop of rain. So far. And I’m not holding my breath.

At least it’s windy which gives the illusion of cooler air if nothing else.

So, in my “odor” (say that with a French accent) to the hot weather (see what I did there…see, if you sweat too much then you may have your own odor…get it? Pretty funny, right?)

OK, maybe not my usual level of side-splitting humor, but cut me some slack…I’m tired. My husband has been seemingly put in charge of a fairly-large painting project at church. I told him we could paint for a little bit this afternoon. We took the boys (and our lunches) and a friend of ours met us over there at 11:30.

Our friend left at 6 (because we knew his wife was at home waiting for him to take her on a date); we left at 7. Oh yes…paint prep, painting, and then clean-up…and it took 7.5 hours.

So yeah, it was a little more than “a couple hours”. But who’s counting when you’re having fun?

This chick…she was counting.

So though it doesn’t fit the theme, I shall begin my list with the one of these things that’s not like the others:

1.  I am thankful that we finished painting the largest room in the project AND the PBA were huge helpers for about 6 hours of the 7.5 hours we were there. They painted, they helped clean up and put the classroom back together. With minimal complaint. It was beautiful. I wish you could have all witnessed it.

Now for my “tribute” to hot weather:

2.  I am thankful for air-conditioning. I used to think I wanted to live in Laura Ingalls Wilder days…NOPE. I have re-thought that whole thing. I only want to live in times in which I have air-conditioning. As the Good Lord intended.

3.  I am thankful for free ice cream. The PBA are forever asking to me to take them “someplace special”. And Friday was the day. I had two coupons for free small dishes of custard at Culver’s. How much more special is that?

4.  I am thankful for a neighborhood pool…especially now that we can go during the day when we finish our work before public (and even private) school kids. We DON’T go then, but we could. That’s all that matters.

5.  I am thankful that while I may not look fabulous in shorts and a sleeveless shirt, I don’t typically scare young children when I wear them and can deem them attire appropriate to wear in public. When it’s hot, especially.

6.  I know this seems odd, but I am secretly thankful that the lawn is dead so we don’t have to mow. OK, I don’t like that the yard is dead…it looks awful. But scratching “mowing” off the list is something I am glad about. Any way to cross an item off the list, right?

7.  Have I mentioned that I’m thankful for air-conditioning?

8.  I am thankful that when I go to soccer practice, it is not my own, personal practice. So if I am the one to take the 12yo to practice, I opt to sit in the shade and watch from afar. Also, there is typically a nice breeze sweeping across those nice open soccer fields. Note to self: don’t wear cute sundresses to practices anymore.

9.  I am thankful for ceiling fans because they make air-conditioning feel even cooler. And I can run the air at a higher temp and still feel refreshed. Whoever invented ceiling fans was a genius.

10.  And speaking of genius, have I listed air-conditioning yet?


  1. Seriously, woman! Sisters from another Mister, I am telling you! Yes...yes....and yes ...on all points... air conditioning (I think is my all-time favorite invention) and even the slightest of breezes are reason for thankfulness!

    There is more about the *HOT* in my post (in progress) of 10 Thankful Things...

    1. I know, right...and speaking of air-conditioning, pray for mine because I woke up in the middle of the night and mine wa making a horrible noise. EEK!

      And yes, I said pray for the air conditioner! Don't judge! ;)

  2. p.s. I think your "odor" joke was pretty funny. ;)

  3. The odor joke was great. I'm exhausted as I read, but still. I also hate the heat and it's been just beastly here - hot and humid. Awesome for the first week of school. Not. I am also eternally thankful for air conditioning and you are precisely right about the ceiling fan thing - I do that all the time. My only ceiling fan regret is that I don't have one in every room.

    1. Well, thanks (*blushing*)

      Yes, I understand about the ceiling fan regret...we had that in our last house and I SWORE I would never do that to myself again. The only room without one is the kitchen, and as of yet, I do not regret that. I am sorry you have to suffer! :)

  4. Your 'note to self' - it sounds as though there's an amazingly funny story there you just aren't quite sharing...*giggling*

    I've been pleased not to mow, and occasionally been pleased for the shade, but it was in the high 20s today and I still managed to get cold in the shade. I do love me the sunshine. And the nights are now drawing in, which is miserable!!

    I kinda feel as though your list was missing something though - with all those Things of Thankful about 'coolness' and 'chilling' and 'getting cold', don't you think you should've said something about air conditioning?

    Well done you, your husband and PBA on the painting :)

    1. Not so much a funny story except that I keep forgetting to change before I go and my sundresses catch a breeze EVERY.TIME. It does feel cool and refreshing, though.

      Ah when I say we've been in the 90's that REALLY sounds hot, doesn't it?

      Thanks...I am thankful it's finished!

    2. Not so much a funny story except that I keep forgetting to change before I go and my sundresses catch a breeze EVERY.TIME. It does feel cool and refreshing, though.

      Ah when I say we've been in the 90's that REALLY sounds hot, doesn't it?

      Thanks...I am thankful it's finished!

    3. Bwahahaha sounds pretty funny to me. I had an experience like that at a wedding once. Ended up huddled with a friend in fits of giggles, both trying to desperately keep control of our hemlines in the breeze!

      Yes - I'm never that good with the conversion of Celcius to of those things I just don't do much. I have to look it up - if you've been in the 90's then yes, that's REALLY hot and sounds amazing.

  5. I forgot you had a pool!!! It really stinks that all the public ones have to close when school starts, just as the weather hits the 90s.
    There wasn't a crew to help paint?? That's a long day of painting, my friend. I'm sure the church admin will appreciate the hard work, though.
    I'm praying for your air conditioner. Our wasn't keeping up with the heat very well yesterday. I changed the filters in an effort to help the situation. I don't think it did much. Only one more day until cooler weather comes!
    I want ceiling fans so badly. We've discussed putting them in the bedrooms, but we're worried about the old wiring. Don't want to be messing with it.

  6. I would have made a lousy pioneer, although I, too, was enamored with Laura Ingalls Wilder and would play in a makeshift covered wagon for hours. I love me some air conditioning!

    Yesterday, the temp got up to 102* and the humidity was, of course, ridiculously high. We're supposed to get a break by tomorrow, and it's actually raining right now - yay!

    I'm also thankful my daughter plays an indoor sport!

  7. While I rarely turn on the air conditioner I know I was not born in the wrong time period... I would have been one of those folks who died in youth if I had been born back then... my parents probably would have killed me for complaining so much!... Loved your odor joke! and I figured the sun dress had to be a Marilyn Monroe on the heating grate moment yes?

  8. Ohh, air conditioning is glorious. I hate summers here in Germany, when it gets above the mid-90s. It's miserable.

    I wear my shorts as well, it's hot, so who cares?

  9. I love the heat.

    I like your List. Not that I don't have ac in the bedroom. But I love the heat and hate the cold.

    (must be that Spartacus gene... )*

    *...I have *no* idea! lol

  10. Although I usually run a swamp cooler (running the a/c is SO expensive here!), it is nice to know that if the humidity climbs, I can turn on the air conditioner for relief!

  11. Number 6 is not odd! I know exactly what you're saying! I live in FL. We've had the wettest summer in years and let me tell you....the mowing has been awful (as in if gas was cheaper we'd be mowing 2X a wk!). I wouldn't mind a little "parchness" right about now. LOL

  12. I am laughing and totally in agreement with you on decrying heat and praising the virtues of AC! I live in west Texas and it is just plain miserable here all of the very long summer. Triple-digit days are the norm. It is not fun to be outside if you are conditioned to be inside in highly-cooled offices all day, as I am. So summer heat means hiding out from the sun and only going out when it finally cools down in the evening. God bless Autumn, it is coming soon (we hope)! :-)