Friday, August 2, 2013

Grammar is Fun!

Before I begin I must confess that yes I actually made the PBA accompany me on the errands today…I wasn’t quite convinced that they wouldn’t do bodily damage to one another…or to the house…if I left them unattended. It turned out to be a good call on my part, if I do say so, because they were in rare form even under my careful supervision.

Anyway, in the car the boys were discussing the birthday party which they will be attending this evening. The 10yo recalled a party gone by at this same home, and mentioned that the parents had served ice cream for breakfast after that particular sleepover.

The 12yo: Yeah I remember that.

10yo: No, you weren’t there.

12yo: No I know…I was saying I remember you talking about it.

Then there was a brief, albeit snarky, exchange about who went where at what point, and who had eaten ice cream for breakfast…and who had not. I'll spare you the details because based on what I just shared, I am certain you can imagine exactly how the conversation progressed.

(As an aside, aren’t you so proud of me that I didn’t even get upset at the mention of ice cream for breakfast? I’ve loosened up a bit, if I do say so myself.)

At the end of the discussion, the 12yo said: Well, how would YOU like it if I had a milkshake (this is one of the 10yo’s favorite treats, so the 12yo was trying to make his comment as biting as possible...pardon the pun...actually, no don't pardon it; I totally meant it) and rubbed your face in it?

Me: Well, actually I think that would be a little sticky.

10yo & 12yo: insert puzzled looks

Me: Well, if you had a milkshake and rubbed his face in it, THAT would be sticky. Isn’t grammar fun?

10yo & 12yo: insert eyerolls

But for the record, they did stop arguing.


  1. GRAMMAR WIN! Nicely done :)

    I always make sure I win at the "Whyy?" game. Every. Single. Time.

    Trade secret - take it technical and sound like you know what you're talking about.

  2. Best way to get them to stop arguing with each other is to give them a common thing to dislike, even if it is you. :)

  3. Good call bringing along with you! and boys are weird!